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									                      Board for Marine Deck Officers
                              Code of Ethics
                                                 Article I
                                            GENERAL PROVISION

        The Merchant Marine Deck Officer has a moral obligation and social responsibility to practice his
profession according to a Code of Ethics and Conduct. Every Merchant Marine Deck Officer shall regard the
Code of Ethics as a way of life which has its foundation in Honesty, Truth, Justice, Integrity, and Love of the
Country, not as a set of rules which should strictly be observed. Professionalism is the keystone of every
Merchant Marine Deck Officer in the conduct of his profession and above all upholds the honor and dignity of
every Filipino Merchant Marine Deck Officer.

                                                Article II
                                      RELATION TO THE PROFESSION

a)      A deck officer shall strive to elevate, maintain and contribute to the honor and dignity of the profession.
b)      He shall conduct himself with the traditional decorum of an officer and a gentleman, restraining himself
        from all acts contrary to the established rules of morality and personal discipline.
c)      He shall continually improve his professional competency by keeping up to date with the latest
        technological and scientific knowledge being applied in the marine fields.
d)      It shall be his obligation to keep himself prepared for the next higher license through reading, diligent
        studies and keen observation of the shipboard activities.
e)      He shall make financial gain secondary only to the service that the entire profession can render to the
        economic growth of the country.
f)      A deck officer shall not hesitate to consult his fellow deck officers in matters that will affect the honor
        and integrity of the deck officer’s profession.
g)      He shall expose, without fear or favor, to the proper authorities of the profession; corrupt or dishonest
        conduct of members of the profession whose existing practices can degrade the reputation of other
h)      Every deck officer should aid in safeguarding the profession against the admission to its ranks of
        persons who are unfit or unqualified in moral character or professional training.

        This Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct of Merchant Marine Deck Officers are hereby adopted
pursuant to R.A. 8544 known as the Philippine Merchant Marine Officers Act of 1998 under Section 40: “The
Integrated and Accredited Maritime Association of Marine Deck Officer shall prescribe a Code of Ethics for
Marine Deck Officer which shall be adopted by the Board of Marine Deck Officers and approved by the
                                                Article III
                                       RELATION TO THE STATE

a)      A Deck Officer, in his capacity as a person of high technical potentialities and delegated with leadership
        for the discipline of his men, shall recognize and respect the supreme authority of the State.
b)      A Deck Officer shall strive to become an exemplary citizen by the devoted or fruitful fulfillment of his
        civic duties.
c)      He shall perform his professional duties in conformity with the existing laws.
d)      He shall endeavor to assist and cooperate with proper authorities in the enforcement of maritime and
        customs regulations.
e)      He shall offer to the State his full knowledge and experience in the interest of national security and
        especially in time of national emergency.

                                                Article IV
                                       RELATION TO THE COMMUNITY

a)      Every deck officer shall compose himself as an officer and a gentleman, and act honorably when
        dealing with the general public.
b)      He should be concerned foremost with the safety of every man, woman and child who boards the ship
        as a passenger by following all safety measures prescribed for shipboard use.
c)      He shall contribute his professional knowledge for the general public welfare and comfort of the riding
        public to gain their respect and confidence.
d)      He shall, above all, continually consider the preservation of life, health and poverty, even at the risk of
        his own life, to enhance the sense of public interest that is an integral obligation of the profession.
                                                Article V
                                      RELATION TO THE SUBORDINATE

a)      A superior officer shall always conduct himself with the proper decorum in his acts or deeds and
        thoughts to set an example for his subordinate befitting his rank or designation.
b)      He should give the necessary training, guidance and opportunities for the improvement of his
        subordinate’s competency and especially to overcome his shortcoming demanded by his license as a
        deck officer.
c)      He should continually mold the character of his subordinate to impress the importance of command
d)      He should give merits unselfishly when due, to inspire his subordinates to achieve greater result.
e)      He should not hesitate to listen to the advice of his subordinates but to exercise discretion before
f)      He should not hesitate to admit errors in his decision when it is obvious, but it must be done within the
        circle of staff.

                                               Article VII
                                 RELATION TO HIS FELLOW-PRACTITIONER

a)      Every deck officer should work together in mutual cooperation and harmonious relationship by sharing
        individual knowledge for professional advancement.
b)      He should associate himself with his colleagues in any reputable and recognized marine society to
        further broaden his knowledge.
c)      He should never attempt to issue statements to the general public concerning the shortcoming of his
        fellow officer.
d)      The following specified acts of a deck officer shall be deemed to be unethical as a breach of
        professional ethics, subject to immediate actions:
        1)     Open criticism of a fellow officer without knowledge of the other.
        2)     Spreading false information on the professional competency and ability of other practitioners.
        3)     Degrading a colleague in order to acquire his position.
        4)     False recommendation on the competency of another officer.
        5)     Maliciously withholding information or knowledge to place others in a controversial situation.
        6)     Tending to accept a position lower than his highest license to displace another officer applying
               for the same.
        7)     Exerting political influence to displace a co-marine officer or engineer.
        8)     Certifying that he can work better or could render service more satisfactorily than another.
        9)     Openly expressing that he holds exclusive methods of practice or style of service.
                                                     Article VIII

        The Board of Directors of the Masters and Mates Association of the Philippines Incorporated by
majority vote of all the Directors may amend or repeal the code or adopt a new Code of Ethics of the Merchant
Marine Deck Officer in the Philippines subject to the review of the Board of Marine Deck Officer and approval by
the Commission.

                                                  Article IX
                                              PENAL PROVISION

          This Code of Ethics shall be published in the Official Gazette of the Code or any newspaper of general
circulation to have the force and effect of Law. Copies of the Code shall be distributed every year to all
Merchant Marine Deck Officer during the annual Conference Workshop conducted by the Integrated and
accredited professional Merchant Marine Deck Officer (Master and Mates Association of the Philippines, Inc.)
for proper information and guidance of all Merchant Marine both in public and government service and be
distributed among all Merchant Marine Deck Officers immediately following their oath taking. It shall be included
in the curriculum of all Maritime Institutions as part of the course of study in ship’s familiarization, ethics and
Maritime laws. Violations of any of the provision of the Code of Ethics shall constitute unethical and
unprofessional conduct and therefore garner sufficient grounds for reprimand, suspension or revocation of the
certificate of registration and certificate of competency of the offending Merchant Marine Deck Officer in
accordance with the provision of Article IX Section 37 of R.A. 8544 known as the Philippine Merchant Marine
Officers Act of 1998.

                                                    Article X
        This Code shall take effect after approval by the Professional Regulation Commission and after fifteen
(15) days following its publication in the Official Gazette or any newspaper of general circulation whichever
comes first.

        Adopted in the City of Manila this ______day of November 1999.

Board of Marine Deck Officers

                                CAPT. MARIO K. ALFELOR

        CAPT. ERNESTO C. BONDOC                                 CAPT. VICTOR DEL PRADO
               Member                                                  Member

        CAPT. HERNANDO EUSEBIO                                  CAPT. SIMEON BALITA
               Member                                                  Member


                                         HERMOGENES P. POBRE
                                           Commission Chairman

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