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									California’s Family Place Library Program

                Bessie Condos, California State Library
       Sandra Feinberg, Director, Middle Country Public Library
     Kathleen Deerr, National Coordinator, Family Place Libraries™

                        Tuesday, July 14, 2009

   Introduction
   What is Family Place?
   What is California Doing?
   How Can You Participate?
   How We’ll Know if the Program Made a Difference
   Q&A

What is California Doing?
   Training Institute
   Training children’s librarians and administrators

What is California Doing?
Program Objectives

    13 Family Place Centers will be established in
     participating libraries that encourage engagement
     between parents and children
    Participating public libraries will establish at least 2
     new community partnerships

How Can You Participate?

    Competitive Application submitted to attend Family
     Place Training Institute
    Successful applicants attend 3-day Family Place
     Training Institute in Los Angeles
    Eligibility to apply for LSTA Implementation Grant for
     up to $15,000
          For more information, please check out Family Place info at

How Can You Participate?

    Willingness and ability to put both staff time and
     funding toward the implementation of a family/early
     childhood center in one of your libraries.
    Sending two people (an administrator and a children’s
     services staff member) to a 3-day Family Place
     Training Institute in Los Angeles, November 17-19,
     2009. Travel expenses to Los Angeles and to the
     Training Center in Carson must be provided by
     applicants. Training fees, hotel accommodations and
     meals to be provided by the State Library.
How Can You Participate?
Commitment (continued)

    Creating a family/early childhood space in the
     Children’s Services Area that will include toys,
     collections, furnishings that will be conducive to young
     children, parents and caregivers
    Conducting a Parent/Child workshop a minimum of
     once a year

How Can You Participate?
Training Application

Training Application
3 elements
 1.   Basic Information
 2.   Evaluation Questions
 3.   Certification

Training Application
Element 1: Basic Information
   Applicant Information
       All of the basic contact information for you and your

Training Application
Element 2: Evaluation Questions
   Describe why your library is interested in becoming a Family
    Place Library?
   How would this program support your library’s strategic
    directions and needs of the community?
   What types of library services are currently offered to
    parents and children ages 0-3, and include the number of
    staff who provide these services?
   What current partnerships do you have that support
   How will your library ensure that staffing and resources are
    provided to build success in your Family Place Program?

Training Application
Element 3: Certification
   Each Library has to complete and sign the certification
   Be sure to review your application and to obtain the
    appropriate signatures before submitting

Training Application Submission
WHAT:             Submit original and 4 copies
HOW*:             By hand, mail, fax, e-mail
WHEN:             By 4:00 pm on Wednesday, August 26, 2009

By   Email*: send to Mickie Potter at

By    Fax*: (916) 653-8443
       ATTENTION: Family Place Grants

Or    for delivery service, the physical address is:
      900 N Street, 4th Floor, Sacramento, 95814

Training Application Submission

*If you fax or email your application, you will need to
  mail the signed Element 3 certification page. The
  signature page must be received within 7 days of the
  faxed or emailed application.

Wednesday, August 26,     Deadline for receipt of training applications
Monday, September 28,     Notification to successful applicants to attend
2009                      Training Institute
November 17-19, 2009      Mandatory 3 day Family Place Training Institute in
                          Los Angeles
Friday, January 8, 2010   Deadline for receipt of LSTA Family Place
January 25, 2010          Notification to successful applicants to receive up
                          to $15,000 LSTA grant
February-June 30, 2010    Expend grant funds; Implement Family Place
                          Program; Participate in Statewide Evaluation of the
June 30, 2010             Grant year ends                                   15
How We’ll Know If the Program
Made a Difference?
Statewide Evaluation

    Development of local outcomes based on statewide outputs for
     Family Place Activities
    Self-assessments of the library’s space, including furniture,
     programming, collection, and staff awareness of developmentally
     appropriate practice for children ages 0-3
    Short surveys of parents and caregivers with children ages 0-3
     who attend Parent/Child Workshops and/or use the Family Place
     space to be administered twice during the grant year
    Libraries may be asked to serve as sites for a more in-depth
     qualitative study during the year

 Please feel free to contact:
 Bessie Condos
 (916) 651-0981

 California State Library
 Library Development Services Bureau
 P. O. Box 942837
 Sacramento, CA 94237-0001


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