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Acknowledgments _ Thank you. Lae Hash House Harriers would like to


HASH (HASH HOUSE HARRIERS) is played by one person rabbits, prior to a design of a line from the rabbit, in the park, field or flour with chalk marks all the way left, set the end. A group of dogs who play these marks is to find the end. Do not follow the sign that ran on the line, sly rabbit will not make you so easy to find the finish line! Sometimes a fork in several directions of the arrows, dogs have to separately find the right line, if someone found the wrong path instructions flag to notify the partner, but also to find the right road notice! HASH embodies the spirit of community cooperation, concerted efforts to find the dogs have the home turf of the rabbit. But do not think that to reach the terminal on OK, another important part of the game do not play it! Violations in the course of the game who want to be punished! What penalty? A beer!

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