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                                     Best CV Layout

A perfect CV can help you get your dream job even in a recession hit job market. No
matter, if you are a fresh graduate or an experienced professional, following the
golden rules for your CV can transform it into a really valuable self-marketing
document. A CV with a perfect layout is essential for securing your chance of
interview success.

The best CV layout is the one that grabs the attention of the potential employer from
among the pool of hundred other applications. While writing a CV special attention
should be paid to the layout which must be simple, targeted and well organized.
Simplicity of the CV layout makes it easy to understand while highlighting your
essential skills and achievements. Some essential points to be kept in mind while
designing a CV are:

Use of Appropriate Fonts

The CV should be written using a suitable font that looks professional and is easy to
understand. Difficult and complex fonts can create frustration among those trying to
read it and hence hamper your chances of being selected. Fonts like Arial, Times
New Roman and Verdana should be used with suitable font size for headings,
subheading and text respectively. Heading and subheading need not be bold or
underlined in order to improve readability of the CV.

Be Concise

Keeping your CV brief and to the point is a good practice. CV writing can become
much easier and efficient by using CV templates. Your CV should not be written on
more than two pages in length. Always concentrate on important and relevant details
while avoiding irrelevancies. Sometimes, some companies ask for one page
summarized CV specifically, which should contain information relevant to position
only. You can customize your CV successfully after searching for and downloading
sample CVs, CV examples and CV Templates on Google..

Be Consistent and Structured

Maintain the consistent flow of your CV so that it can grasp and maintain the
attention of the employer. Consistency should be maintained for fonts, heading and
text arrangement so that CV looks organized. Also use bullet points and list in order
to highlight your important information rather than just writing paragraphs.

You can create a completely customized and targeting CV suited to your needs by
practicing these tips. You can also refer to various CV sample, CV examples etc
available online that can guide you to make a perfect CV layout.

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