Match report – Saturday 28th March

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					  Match report – Saturday 28th March
                        Ashurst Wood Albion 5 -5 Henfield

On Saturday we played a match against Ashurst wood which should have been
a league match however we didn’t have enough players so instead we played a
friendly. Kieron Hunt played a strong game in goal, making some fabulous
saves which helped us out a number of times. During the first half we had Jake
from the other team and OFR in central defence. They held the back line well
and made some excellent tackles. To the outside of them Me and MHA did our
part by stopping their wingers getting through most of the time. In central
midfield we had Jack from the other team and HGR. They didn’t stop running
and linked play up from defence to attack really well. On the wings, OST and
KBE never gave up and made some great runs. KBE did some great through
balls and OST scored the most amazing goal. Upfront we had CCR who did
some cracking passes and got past the opposition many times. In the second
half the positions changed round a bit but they stayed roughly the same. Also
Jack went back to his team and we got Mike from their older boys. At the end
of the match, the score was 5 -5 which is a great result considering we had to
play with 3 players who we had never played with before. OST scored 2 goals,
Mike scored 2 goals and there was 1 own goal. You played with lots of team
spirit and everyone played their part exceptionally well!!! Man of the Match
was OST who was fast down the wings, scored two goals and also tackled back
when Ashurst had the ball.

Report by HBR

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