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					In today's fuel economy driven car market, manufacturers are increasingly offering
hybrid designs and pushing the boundaries of the technology to deliver better gas
mileage. Lexus is well on their way to leading the pack with the Lexus GS 450h,
which ranked #3 out of 12 in the Large Luxury Car class in a recent U.S. News
ranking. It has won numerous awards for fuel cost, retained value. The Washington
Post even called it "a happy mixture of better and best."

What can you expect out of the GS 450h? It has a smooth and powerful acceleration
both from a stop and when moving up to highway speeds. The Hybrid Energy drive
puts out an eye-popping 340 horsepower and yet remains smooth and as quiet as a pin
drop in almost any highway conditions. The handling is smooth and excellent with
crisp balance in the turns. Overall between this blend of performance and a roomy and
luxurious interior, the Lexus GS 450h is an amazing pleasure to drive.

You do pay for that pleasure though, the MSRP on the Lexus GS 450 is 55,000 dollars
in the United States. And because of its size and power, the fuel economy is only
so-so for the typical hybrid car. The large luxury nature of the Lexus means that even
with the Hybrid synergy drive it gets only 25 mpg on the highway and 23 on the city.
Overall it is an excellent luxury car for those who want the touch of class and
elegance in their vehicle, at a slight compromise on fuel economy over other hybrids.

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