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									By now I'm sure you are acquainted with Reality TV phenomenon Susan Boyle and
her Brittan's Got Talent performance that captured 51,505,616 views and over
230,000 comments in just some months on YouTube.

If you haven't watched this video featuring the frumpy Forty something woman who
literally hits it out the park her first time performing on the program, go online now
and give it a look.

There are some influential lessons you can learn from this viral success that can
effortlessly be put into action in your car dealership.

After all, we always persuade our readers and training students to look beyond large
successes in the media or in business and see how you'll imitate those results in your
own store.
Victory leaves clues, whether it's a viral video, a quote or an off-handed comment
about what's working for somebody else in a completely unrelated business. Asking
better queries and digging for gold nuggets is the dirty work we do everyday… it's
what we live for.

Thus back to our instance study on Susan Boyle.

This YouTube Video heard round the world was initially posted on April 11th, 2009.
Within four days, the video had over Nine MILLION views and had been commented
on by over 50,000 people. After all the statistics are still ridiculous and off the
chart-however the big question is... why did this video get so much activity in such a
short period of your time?

What makes one video, one plan or one message spread around like wildfire and other
messages (like your dealership's marketing messages) go fully ignored in the

Well we've identified 2 primary reasons this….and for the speedy success of Susan
Boyle's video. Both which are easily duplicable and prepared to use instantly when
marketing your local store.

The Video Creates Burning Anticipation

If you've ever studied an enormously successful viral campaign similar to this one,
you'd see a video's ability to make and maintain anticipation is one among the key
common denominators behind its success.

In this specific video, the anticipation builds deeply before Susan ever steps foot on
stage. We hear her back story as we're introduced to a frumpy and rather odd looking
woman who evidently stands out from the other contestants in the race.
She's then brought before the panel of judges and you're on the edge of your seat
waiting to find out what's going to happen. Are the panel of judges going to laugh her
off the stage? Can the audience love it or hate it? Is she going to be awful? Could she
probably be any good? You'll find out after these messages.

There's a strong headline bright promoters have used for decades. It goes one thing
like, "All of them laughed when I did ________ (i.e. stepped up on stage, sat down at
the piano, got behind the wheel), till I _________ (insert the wonderful thing the
person just did). It's a headline that gets read every time… and it's the identical
anticipatory force at work in this video.
On the other hand, it's important to keep in mind that anticipation is a kind of desire.
Yearning is one thing we all wish our prospects and customers to have for our
messages, our vehicles and our dealership. It's actually easier said than done, but
expectation is a very real kind of desire you can use to the gain of your store.

Unfortunately, most dealers think they're doing a great job creating "yearning" and
"anticipation" because every year the manufacturer sends them a new model and some
new banners to show off. What might be a lot more exciting…right?

Anyhow friends, I hate to break it to you, but your new banners and poster boards
showing off this year's most recent minivan isn't all that exciting to your clients. And
used car dealers- you don't even have the luxury of receiving these promoting "tools'.

Thus instead, a more dependable and effective means to form anticipation would be to
offer your audience something they really look forward to. Sounds pathetically simple,
and truely it is. The secret is to get within the head of your customers, figure out what
they really, really want and tie it to a powerful promotion that builds anticipation on
what they'll get by shopping at your store.

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