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Kinetic Sym Flyte


									Kinetics Motor Company is known for providing high quality and high performing
vehicles for the Indian market. Now recently Kinetic has launched a middle range
scooter, Flyte, in the cooperation with reputed SYM brand of Taiwan. SYM refers to
San Yang Motor. This is an un-geared scooter which even beginners can easily handle.
Kinetic has experience of un-geared scooters. It has launched first ever un-geared
scooter, Luna about forty years ago and then kinetic Honda launched an un-geared
scooter about 21 years ago. Another biggest un-geared scooter 165 cc Italiano Blaze
scooter is also an offering from Kinetic. Other un-geared scooters from Kinetic are
Nova and 4S.

Another feature which is first of its kind is Flyte has the 125CC engine. This 4-stroke
engine delivers maximum power 8 bhp and top speed of 82 kmpH. It has a bore of
52.4mm and stroke of 57.8mm. It can be started with electric start or kick start. This
scooter has one of the most powerful batteries among this segment which is 9Ah

This scooter has the rare view mirrors which can be adjusted from the base unlike
others where only stem can be adjusted. You will experience greater stability on this
scooter due to large wheel base. There is a large under-seat dickey which can even
hold a full-face helmet. The popup cap of the fuel tank can be opened by turning the
ignition key anti-clockwise. It has a front suspension which is there in imported bikes.
There is mobile charging point, two hook bags and small recess tray. Look and design
of the Kinetic Sym Flyte is quite attractive. Riding and handling this scooter is great
fun because of it's quite a big list of gizmos. It is equipped with 4-in-1 anti-theft
magnetic key which when turned in various directions give different results which
you will learn while you start using this scooter.

Flyte is great on safety front. It has horn button, headlight Hi-Lo, blinker switch,
self-start button and 2-step light switch. Instrument panel has the fuel gauge, Hi-Lo
beam light, two different blinking lights of left turn and right turn.

You will feel great comfort while riding on this scooter because of its broad seat.
Handle bar is 25.5 inches in width and their grip is very firm and comfortable. You
can comfortable drive this scooter on city roads as well as highways. Because of its
excellent suspension, it can give fun experience even on bumpy roads. Pick up is very

Kinetic Sym Flyte is the perfect scooter for those who want to safe and fun riding
experience at affordable prices.

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