Keeping It Cool by aihaozhe2


									Pontiac vehicles boasts of having the most advanced technology in providing
passenger comfortability. This automaker regards passenger comfortability as one of
their top priorities in car production and they were undoubtedly successful in doing so
as customers soon became their loyal patrons because of their satisfaction for the
finished product. In their quest to provide customers with quality performance, they
managed to perfect the production of parts that have to do with giving passengers a
relaxing ride. The company's air conditioning system is one of these parts which has
given Pontiac the reputation of being a comfortable vehicle.

However, there are certain parts that are included in the whole of the car's air
conditioning system like the AC Condenser, that should also be credited for the
efficient function and operation of this system. Like in the case of the Pontiac AC
Condenser, which is the very heart of the air conditioning system. Because this
component has the responsibility of providing the car's cabin with cool and fresh air.
The condenser is usually strategically placed at the front of the radiator. This way, the
Pontiac AC Condenser would be the first part to receive the cold air that flows
through the car's grille. It also acquires the air it breathes in from the car's fan and
that's what it uses to cool the refrigerant.

The process starts when the pressurized refrigerant liquid from the car's evaporator
starts flowing into the AC condenser. The air contained in the AC condenser which
flows through the coil would then cool the liquid refrigerant. After which, the cooled
liquid will have to pass through the expansion valves where it is subjected to flow
back to the evaporator. This process of cooling is repeated consecutively in order to
make sure that the liquid refrigerant is cooled to the required degree. Because the
refrigerant needs to go through two processes, car engineers have designed the AC
condensers to have two hoses. These two hoses are used for the passage of the liquid
refrigerant. The first hose is used to transport incoming highly pressurized liquid
coolant and the second is then obviously used for the outflowing highly pressurized
refrigerant coolant.

Stress is a common thing that a Pontiac AC Condenser experiences due to the nature
of its work. As it is nestled just behind the grille, aside from breathing in first-hand the
air that flows through it, it is also the part which suffers the most from the foreign
particles that also come in through the grille. This then causes a lot of strain and pains
to the AC Condenser. For this reason, it is critical for car owners to regularly check
this part for particles that may have gotten stuck in the body of the condenser, which
are often small rocks and dead insects. These things are dangerous as it could cause
severe damage to the highly pressurized coils and hoses of the AC condenser.

Car owners may not be able to prevent these particles from penetrating into their
Pontiac AC Condenser but a solution is just around the corner when this part starts to
retire. Lots of aftermarket dealers offer originally manufactured AC condensers for
Pontiac vehicles. Thus, owners would have no valid reason not to be able to replace
this broken part.

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