Jumpstarting A Dead Motorcycle Battery

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ABCs Of Jumpstarting A Dead Motorcycle Battery

A motorcycle battery provides additional power supply whenever the motorcycle
needs more electrical power; it also functions as an absorber of irregular electrical
surges in the motorcycle; and above all, it is the sole instrument that turns the engine
on through electric starters, which is now widely-used in motorcycles.

However, a motorcycle battery discharges at an average of one percent of its power
every single day; so before you know it your motorcycle battery is too weak to be an
electrical component of your bike. A dead battery can be very inconvenient. The only
recourse you have is to jump start a dead or weak motorcycle battery which could be a
very tricky process. Read on for various tips on jump starting a dead motorcycle

Jumping A Battery Using A Car
First, position the bike in such a way that jumper cables can easily extend to reach the
batteries of the car and the motorcycle. Second, attach the two positive clips'often the
red clips-- of the jumper cables to the positive terminals of both car and motorcycle
batteries. Third, attach the two negative clips'often the black clips'of the jumper cable
to the negative terminal of the car battery and the frame of the motorcycle; but if a
suitable frame location can not be accessed, attach the other negative clip on the
negative terminal of the motorcycle battery. Finally, start the motorcycle and remove
the jumper cables in the order in which they were attached as soon as the engine fires

Is there a little stain or a drop of fluid under your vehicle? It may mean absolutely
nothing. But you do want to check the wet spots immediately - just to make sure.

Powered by Honda's Integrated Motor Assist (IMA') system that pairs a 3-cylinder
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After you have finished filling up your tank, you should twist the gas pump nozzle a
full 180 degrees. This will drain a bit more gas into your tank, sometimes up to an
entire half cup. If you don't do this, the extra gas would just be a bonus to the next gas

When jumping a motorcycle battery from a car, always remember not to start the car
engine. Otherwise, some electrical components of the motorcycle may be permanently
damaged due to incompatibilities between car and motorcycle.

Jumping A Battery Using Another Bike
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There isn't much difference in procedure when jumping a dead battery using another
bike with good battery. The steps above can be followed. But between motorcycles, if
a good frame location can be found, you can try attaching the negative clips'black
clips-- on to the frames of the motorcycles instead of the negative terminals of the

Go Downhill Or Be Pushed

To jump start an electrically dead motorcycle, you can have your friends push you or
free wheel downhill. Before you go with the ride, remember to turn on the ignition
and gas, as you ensure a run position mode on the KILL switch. Pull the clutch and
shift to second gear. As you begin the free wheeling, let go of the clutch upon
attaining average speed; then the bike should start after some chokes.

You can try to arrange car pools with co-workers to reduce the cost of getting to work.
To save even more, you can drive less and walk, bike or run to your intended
destination, especially if the place is nearby.

Being a full hybrid, the Mercury Mariner employs both series- and parallel-hybrid
characteristics. The gasoline engine shuts down to conserve fuel during coasting, at
stoplights, and at low speeds.

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