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Jetta TDI Features by aihaozhe2


									Another product from Volkswagen, the Jetta TDI is compatible to the likes of Toyota
Prius and other Hybrid cars. First introduced in at the Frankfurt 1979 car show, this
small family-oriented car has amazing exterior features which can be easily the main
selling point for this exquisite German engineering. The laser seam welding is the
main display of the quest for automobile production perfection. There are so many
other striking accessories that complete the Sedan look for this top pick for safety in a
recent American poll. The beautiful chrome grills gives the impression that the
premium VII radio selection with an eight speaker sound system, built in MP3 and
WMA capable six CD portable audio players and six months warrantee.

RNS 510 navigation is installed into the dashboard and this fancy gadget can be the
highlight of navigation systems. The exteriors are designed to perfect the already
immaculate body of the vehicle. The dual exhaust tips are the placed at the rear
perfectly and they are complements to the entire mechanism as a whole.

Safety-wise the vehicle is secured with anti braking system (ABS) and it is an
electrically operated system. The hydraulic braking system prevents the wheels from
locking when hard braking is involved. Not only that, this vehicle is perfected with six
airbags. However this attribute is the last alternative in the case of a traffic collision.
There are other features to be used wisely each time the car is on the road such as seat
belts and baby seats where babies are implicated during the journey.

In accordance to technology, the model is also completed with the tire pressure
monitoring system also known as TPMS. This prevents unwanted events which can be
caused by inflated wheels. Not only that, there are pinch protection on power

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