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					Any off road enthusiasts should invest in a good winch. It is a staple for the recovery
of a stuck vehicle . They offer means to pull you up and over obstacles as well as a
way to pull someone else out from being stuck. Not only can you recover vehicles,
but winches aid you pull heavy , otherwise immovable objects away the trail and out
of the trail . If you traverse the wilderness solo a winch will assist you recover your
automobile from situations that with out one, would make the automobile and
occupants stranded. Aside from improving the retrieval capabilities, a winch is one of
the numerous Jeep parts and Jeep accessories that just looks flat marvellous in the
front of a Jeep.

Mile Marker is a world renowned Jeep parts manufacturer of electric and hydraulic
winches for both OEM, aftermarket and military applications. They have been
manufacturing winches for approximately 30 years. Not only do they supply winches
for 4x4 vehicles, they also furnish applications for ATV/UTS's. Mile Marker has two
locations. Their primary distribution center and Jeep parts production facility of
electric winches is located in Washington, DC and their sister facility where they
fabricate their drive-train parts and hydraulic winches is in Pompano Beach, Florida.
generally well-known for their winches, Mile marker originally started out producing
other Jeep parts, most prominently , lock out hubs for a wide variety of vehicles
ranging from Jeep CJ 7's all the way to Toyota FJ's.

There are numerous Jeep parts manufacturers of electric and hydraulic winches aside
from Mile Marker. A really well known company in the Jeep parts industry is Warn.
They sell a wide variety of winches including ones with air compressors on them.
Another renowned Jeep parts manufacturer is Smittybilt. The winches they sell are
more mild mannered for the off road enthusiasts who is looking for a winch with one
purpose in mind, recovery. Another important characteristic that Smittybilt offers
along with Mile Marker is synthetic winch cord . Synthetic rope is a secure variant to
the typical steel cable as it does not snap if it reaches its breaking apex . lastly for
those on a budget, Jeep parts maker , Rugged Ridge, has some sufficient offerings for
those in want of a winch, but may not be using it frequently . All of these
manufacturers are exceptional . What helps Mile Marker rise solo is that they are built
in the U.S.A. and used by our armed forces.

Eric Planer from Morris 4x4 Center says, "Installing a winch on your Jeep requires
some expertise and a morsel of weighty lifting. a number of Jeep parts may be needed
to install a winch. The simple minimum needed will be a winch mounting plate. These
can be bolted to the front bumper of your vehicle or in between the frame if you have
a Jeep. Some drilling may be required to mount the plate. There are also Jeep parts
companies out there who manufacturer front bumpers that possess a channel
incorporated into the bumper to mount a winch so a winch plate is not needed. After
you have your winch mounted there is some wiring required, wiring diagrams come
standard with all winches. In whole , minus the costs of the winch, installation will
range between $100.00 - $600.00."

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