International Demand Grows for Armored Cars

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					With crime and conflict escalating in many parts of the world - threatening
governments, organizations and individuals - the demand for armored transport is
growing. Even in places where it seems stable, there are circumstances in which
high-profile people are not safe, and armored vehicles must be a part of their daily
lives - in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. Meeting
this growing demand is The Armored Group, providing the highest level of armored
protection on the market today.

All over the world, armies, police units, SWAT teams, banks, retailers, ambassadors,
and high-profile politicians, entrepreneurs and celebrities have entrusted The Armored
Group for their armored transport needs. Whether it's a U.S. armored Ford, European
armored Humvee, Soviet armored car or an entire fleet of South Africa armored
vehicles, they deliver - literally. By whatever means it takes, they get their vehicles to
those who need them - by plane, ship, train or, if necessary, a combination of all three.

This U.S.-based armored car company understands that there are some situations and
operations that call for unique armored transport unlike anything else available. That's
why they will custom-build armored vehicles according to your specifications. They'll
armor the chassis of your choice in whatever design is best-suited for where you need
it and what you need your armored transport to do.

Of course, they also have an entire line of vehicles already armored and ready to go.
All of the military and police vehicles, SWAT tactical vehicles and cash trucks are
made by Ford, GM and Chrysler. There's a wide variety of SUV's, like the Ford
Excursion, GM Escalade and Chrysler-Dodge Durango. And as for armored sedans,
the selection ranges from the Chrysler-Dodge 300M, to the BMW 750LI, to the
Ashton Martin DB9.

Considering that vehicles equipped with armor are intended to protect you from attack,
The Armored Group anticipates potential damage to the vehicle and makes the
process of replacing parts as simple as possible. All new armored cars come with a
complete parts manual to help you identify and order replacement parts easily,
delivered in a timely manner wherever you live.

So regardless of the vehicle - whether it's a U.S. armored Ford, European armored
Humvee, Soviet armored car, fleet of South Africa armored vehicles, or whatever your
unique needs may be - you can feel safe and secure knowing you have the highest
level of armored protection. And it's provided by a company that custom-builds to suit
your specifications today, then goes out of its way to help minimize the headache of
making any necessary repairs in the future.

Bob Pazderka is the owner and operator of The Armored Group. They have been
serving the world over with armored cars, trucks and cash-in-transit vehicles.