On most Plastic parts on the back side there will be a symbol.This symbol tells the
welder what kind of plastic you are working with.(If no symbol is found then you will
have to weld different rods to see if the rod will hold to the plastic)
This is a very important step because to weld Plastic the filler rod has to be the same
as the Plastic being welded.{unless you use the fiber-flex rod, but this rod only comes
in black}
There are 2 families of plastics 1}thermoset and 2}thermoplastic
THERMOSET -Can not be melted and reused.
THERMOPLASTIC-Can be melted and reused


PUR, RIM,RRIM- These are usually flexible. Bubble and smoke when melted.When
welding Don't melt base material! Melt the welding rod into the v-groove like a hot
melt glue.

ABS-{Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene}- Rigid, can be of any color, Used on interior
plastic parts in cars,trucks and also household goods parts of sweepers, handles on
pots ect.
EEBC-{Ether Ester Block Copolymer}- Flexible, off-white in color. Best to use
Uni-Weld fiberflex.
EMA-{Ethylene Methacrylic Acid}-Semi-rigid, comes in many colors.Use Uni-weld
PA-{Polyamide(nylon)-rigid,sands finely.Used on Radiator tanks, headlamp bezel,
exterior trim parts, mirror.
PC+ABS PULSE-{Polycarbonate & ABS}-Rigid, usually dark in color,sands
finely.Preheat plastic with welder before welding.
PC+PBT-{Xenoy a Polycarbonate blend}-Very rigid.Used for bumper covers.Preheat
plastic with weld before welding.
PE-{Polyethylene}-Semi-flexible, melts & smears when grinding usually
semi-translucent.Used on overflow tanks, inner fender panels, ATV fenders. Applying
filler or painting is impossible.
PP-{Polypropylene}-Semiflexible, melts and smears when grinding.
PPO+PA-{Noryl GTX (Nylon blend)}-Semi-rigid, usually off-white in
fenders and exterior trim. Preheat plastic with welder before welding.
TEEE-{Thermoplastic Ether Ester Elastomer}- Flexible, Used on bumpers, panels.
Use fiberflex welding rod.
TPE-{thermoplastic Elastomer}-Semi-flexible, melts and smears when grinding. Used
on bumper covers, under the hood parts.Use Uni-Weld Fiberflex rod.
TPO, TEO, PP/EPDM-{Thermoplastic Olefin}-Semi-flexible melts and smears when
grinding. Used on Gilles,interior parts, snowmobile cowls.Use Uni-Weld Fiberflex
TPU, TPUR-{Thermoplastic Polyurethane}-Flexible,Sands finely. Bumper
covers,soft filler panels. Use urethane rod or uni- weld Fiberflex rod.
Usually most house hold items are made from abs, but if not sure you will need to do
a test weld on plastic. Make sure that you do the test. Where you will not be able to
see it so that it doesn't show on your part and cause you more work (like sanding and
ect.) As always be careful the welder is hot and can burn you or cause a fire!

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