If Cargo is at Rest_ Cargo is at Risk by aihaozhe2


									Billions of pounds-worth of goods are transported around the roads of Britain every
single day, so it's no surprise that haulage security is a pressing issue. With so much at
stake, gathering vital intelligence on how and when goods are stolen while in transit
helps security experts come up with solutions that go to the heart of the problem. This
is precisely how the award-winning Zenloc Container Security Alarm () was
conceived: out of the realisation that most container theft happens when the cargo is at
The inventor behind the Zenloc Container Alarm spent a decade as a security
consultant for some of the biggest names in haulage and learned that if cargo was at
rest, cargo was at risk. It is when trucks stop to refuel or when the drivers use
motorway facilities or stop overnight that most thefts occur, with security breaches
happening both when the driver is in the cab and when he has stepped away. Trucks
cannot avoid making stops just as drivers cannot avoid the need for sleep, therefore
something had to be done for container protection at these vulnerable times.
The globally patented Zenloc Container Alarm system provides the perfect solution,
highly effectively alarming the rear doors of a container while giving power to the
driver in the form of a hand-held receiver that alerts him of a security breach
anywhere up to 300m away from his vehicle. This revolutionary way to protect both
cargo and driver means that goods are protected at all times, even during high-risk
rest stops.
To find out more information about this innovative new freight alarm, visit .
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