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Fuel Saving Tips And Recommendations For Better Vehicle Performance
Recently, I have been earnestly working to dig up any extra ideas for getting lower
gas consumption and I dug up a bonus. The tips that actually work to enhance gas
mileage also save you on pointless automobile repairs brought on by bad driving

If you are not paying loads of dollars every year to maintain your vehicle under fender
to fender warranty or you have a masochistic streak which aberratedly enjoys
dragging your dysfunctional car for repairs and being held up without a gun with
further vehicle repairs and having your vehicle sit for days at the mechanic while you
are taking public transportation and stress about it like a new daddy-to-be in a surgery
waiting room then presumably care to listen up these solutions. Saving cash on
gasoline and on automobile repairs are cousins.

Consider what better things you could do with the greenbacks that you are wasting on
extra work needing to be done on your vehicle. Take a vacation? Buy a better vehicle?
Install a home theater system? Completely there are better things you can do with
your cash than tipping it into your vehicle!

Use lower octane gas. I always considered that the the octane levels were a trick and I
recently had that verified by an expert. Not that there is no difference, just the
difference in performance is neglible in most cars. Buy the lowest octane petrol that is
acceptable for your automobile. Unless your automobile needs premium fuel,
pumping your automobile with high octane petrol is a waste of cash. That pricey
premium petrol will not benefit your car's gas performance seriously, so let it go and
use your cash on a dashboard Jesus or a pleasant night out or something!

If you don't know what octane of gas works best for your auto, crack open your
owner's manual. as your car does not knock or ping when you fill up with lower
octane, you're good to drive on this much less expensive gas. Not being gouged by
costly premium petrol could save you hundreds of dollars a year. This is clearly the
most no-brainer fuel saving recommendation of all. Do not buy the more expensive
gasoline if your automobile doesn't require it. Filling up your vehicle isn't about

Don't top off when filling your car's gas tank. Any extra gasoline is just going to seep
out. Why waste your money paying for petrol your automobile will not use? Stop
filling at the 1st indication that asserts your tank is full.

When you top off your fuel tank there is a probability that fuel will evaporate or will
be overflowed and spill out. This is just waste.
There are more problems you can encounter when topping off your fuel tank.
Gasoline expands as it becomes hotter. This is positively a gigantic situation in the
summer or in warm weather climates. Petrol pumped from underground tanks will be
cooler roughly than the air. As it is getting hotter in your fuel tank it takes up more
space. As the fuel takes up more space it requires more room in your fuel tank.
If you top off your tank, then there is no additional room for the fuel to expand.
Where will the expanding fuel go? It may head towards your vehicle's vapor
collection system. That would simply muck up this system leading it to malfunction.
If this happens your automobile will perform inefficeintly and have high fuel
The fuel that expands and is lost is fuel that you have paid for. Again that implies that
you are purchasing fuelthat gets wasted. Your price of fuel has gone up again.

Many other tips are simply contradictory or wrong.... Some articles recounted do not
use your airconditioner which is good if you live in Florida or it is 100 degrees in
Manhattan! Then I found one article that endorses to keep the auto's windows open
for town driving but to keep your AC on when you are on the parkways because
having the windows open while driving above 55MPH adds drag which lessens gas
mileage. Who's right? Who's wrong? Who cares? Does it improve gas mileage? No,
possibly not!

The most real solution to reduce your gas consumption, with fuel prices in the $3-4.50
range up and down over the year or so is to convert to a hydrogen hybrid engine!

To begin with, fuel economy increases entirely once hydrogen hybrid system is
installed. The gain deviate considerably, but an average of 25 to 35% mpg boost is
routine Additionally, consumers notice an increase in horsepower and torque. A
dynamometer test run recently on a 1989 Ford F250 Truck increased the horsepower
from 181.75 to 188.75 and the torque from 266.20 ft pounds to 293.53. That equates
to 7 more horsepower and 27.33 more foot pounds of torque.
But quite likely the biggest boost for all of us, chiefly notable on older vehicle engines,
is a startling reduction in toxic vehicular emissions.
The advantage on a tested Ford F250 result in less waste, decrease in nitrous
emissions and carbon emission decreased to nothing, and this vehicle's "before"
scores were in the range considered acceptable. This is a great solution for
environmentalists and all of the rest of us.
But with the "side-benefits" of increased gas mileage (mpg) and horsepower which
will lead to a reduction of dependence upon imported fossil fuels it is obvious that
what How2SaveFuel.Com is doing will become the normal power configuration for
the generations to come to save fuel.
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