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									Do I need a Commercial Driver License?

If you live in Illinois and drive a Class A, B or C commercial vehicle, you must have a
Illinois Commercial Driver License (CDL).

CDL Endorsements are required for double/triple trailers, tanker vehicles, passenger
vehicles and vehicles placarded for hazardous materials.

If you drive a commercial vehicle that falls into one of the following classifications,
you must have an Illinois Commercial Driver License (CDL).

CLASS A - This classification applies only to "combination" vehicles with a Gross
Combination Weight Rating (GCWR) exceeding 26,000 pounds, provided the Gross
Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) of the vehicle being towed exceeds 10,000 pounds.

CLASS B - This class includes single or combination vehicles where the GVWR of
the single vehicle exceeds 26,000 pounds. The vehicle in tow must not exceed 10,000

CLASS C - Vehicles designed to transport 16 or more passengers, including the driver,
and vehicles placarded for hazardous materials, that do not meet the criteria for Class
A or B above fall under this classification.

Farm-Related Services Restricted CDL:

This is a seasonal restricted CDL that can be issued for a period between 90 and 180
days in any 12-month period and is valid only within 150 miles of the employer's
place of business. The holder must meet certain requirements.

Drivers Exempt (Waived) From CDL Requirements:

Under state and federal law, certain drivers are not subject to the requirements of the
CDL program. Although the following vehicle operators are not required to obtain
CDLs, they are required to hold the proper driver's license classification for the type
of vehicle that they are operating. See the Illinois DMV website for details.

 Farm Operators
 Fire Fighting Equipment Operators
 Recreational Vehicle Operators
 Military Vehicle Operators
 Township Employees
About the CDL Knowledge Tests
You will have to take one or more knowledge tests depending on what class of license
and what endorsements you need. There are seven different CDL written tests. An
applicant is required to correctly answer 80% of the questions to pass the written CDL
tests. CDL applicants who fail any CDL examination three times will be required to
wait 30 days from the date of the 3rd failure to retake the test. Three additional
failures (a total of 6 failures) of the same test will result in a 90 day waiting period.
Three additional failures (a total of 9 failures) of the same test after the 90 day waiting
period will result in a one year waiting period from date of last fail. The waiting
periods only apply to the test(s) failed three times. Out of state applicants must take
all CDL written tests to secure an Illinois CDL.

All truck drivers are encouraged to study for the written tests so you won't take a
chance on standing in line at the DMV office only to go home empty-handed. Online
CDL practice tests are available that provide real sample questions from the Illinois
CDL exams for all endorsement types.

The CDL knowledge tests include:

  The 30-question general knowledge test is required for all applicants wishing to
obtain a CDL.
  The Air brakes test is required if the vehicle is equipped with air brakes. There are
25 questions.
  The 20-question combination vehicle test is required if you wish to drive
combination vehicles.
  The passenger endorsement test is required if you will drive a vehicle designed to
carry 16 or more passengers (including the driver). There are 20 questions.
  The hazardous materials test is required if you wish to operate a vehicle transporting
hazardous material that requires placarding. There are 30 questions. NOTE: The
hazardous materials endorsement written test must be successfully completed each
time you renew your CDL.
  The tank endorsement test is required to operate a vehicle designed to carry any
liquid or gaseous material within a tank that is permanently or temporarily attached to
the vehicle or the chassis. There are 20 questions.
  The 20-question doubles/triple endorsement test is required if you will operate
double or triple trailers.

Skills Tests
After passing the required written tests, an applicant may be required to complete the
CDL skills tests which consist of a vehicle pre-trip inspection test, basic controls
skills test and a road test.

  The pre-trip inspection is a walk-around inspection to make sure the vehicle is safe
to operate. You will not be required to crawl under the vehicle or reach into the
  The basic control skills test contains four maneuvers: straight line backing, stop at
line, measured right turn and angled backing/simulated docking.
 The road test is administered on an established drive route. The examiner scores you
on specific driving maneuvers, use of mirrors, blinkers, clutch (if applicable), and
your handling of the vehicle in traffic.
Each portion of the skills tests must be taken in a vehicle representative of the license
classification you wish to obtain. Proof of insurance is required for every vehicle
before the performance tests may be administered.
What Are The Other Requirements For A CDL?

You must be 18 years of age to apply for a CDL license to drive in-state and age 21 to
cross state lines.

The main physical requirements include good hearing, 20/40 vision with or without
glasses or corrective lenses, and a 70-degree field of vision in each eye. Drivers must
not be colorblind.

What Fees Will I Have To Pay?
CDL fees are as follows:
New Applicants (Applicants not possessing a Class A, B, or C Illinois CDL): $60.00
(An additional $5.00 fee will be added for applicants renewing an L or M license)

Applicants possessing a non-CDL license upgrading to a CDL: $50.00

School Bus CDL: $20.00

Add/Change endorsement or restriction on existing CDL: $5.00

Where Can I Get More Information?
To download the Illinois CDL Manual: Commercial Drivers License today!

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