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How to Change a Car Tyre


									There is a good chance everyone will experience a puncture at sometime in their
driving lives. But it's amazing how many people still don't know how to change a car
tyre and rely on the help of a passer-by.

There is one place you should not attempt to change a tyre yourself- on the hard
shoulder of a busy road. In this instance call the emergency services and retreat to safe
distance until they arrive.

In all other situations changing a car tyre is not as difficult as it may seem. This article
is a guide to how it is done:

1) Find a safe place to stop, on flat ground. If it's dark look for somewhere with
adequate lighting. Park as far away from traffic as possible and put your hazard lights

2) Turn the engine off, pull the handbrake on and put the car into first gear or 'park' if
it's an automatic.

3) Find the tools for the job. These will include a jack, wheel wrench and the spare
tyre. All are usually located in the boot of a car.

4) Remove the hubcap or plastic wheel cover using the flat end of the wheel wrench
or a screw driver.

5) Loosen the wheel nuts by turning half a turn in an anti clockwise direction. Do
NOT remove them. That happens at a later stage.

Tight wheel nuts can be the hardest part of changing a car tyre. If the wheel nuts are
proving stubborn use a metal tube to extend the wheel wrench's handle and provide
extra leverage. Alternatively place one foot on the handle of the wheel wrench and
carefully use your body weight until the nut is loosened.

Many cars have a locking wheel nut to prevent theft. This requires a special
attachment which is often found in a car's glove compartment.

6) Consult the vehicle's handbook to find where to place the jack. This is important
because if it's put in the wrong place the car could slip off the jack and cause serious

Look for a reinforced lip on the underside of the vehicle close to the wheel arch.

When the jack is securely attached raise the car until there is enough room to remove
the punctured tyre and replace it with the fully inflated spare.
7) Now continue to remove all of the wheel nuts and place them somewhere safe
nearby- not near an open drain! Remove the punctured car tyre and replace with the
spare tyre.

8) Replace and tighten the wheel nuts. Don't try to hard to tighten them until the car is
off the jack.

9) Slowly lower the car down off the jack. Now tighten the nuts again. Remember to
return the jack and the wheel wrench to the boot of the car.

10) Replace the hubcap or plastic wheel cover and continue with your journey.

At the first opportunity stop at a petrol station and check the new tyre is inflated to the
correct pressure, the same as the other car tyres.

If in any doubt about your tyre changing ability, call into to your nearest garage or car
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