How To Buy Cheap Cars at Police Used Car Auctions

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					At least every month, there are police used car auctions in your locality. Sometimes,
you might not be aware of them, but if you would only inquire and seek such
transactions, you would certainly and easily find one.

Police used car auctions are auctions for cars that are under the possession of the
police. No, the police agency, nor any of the officers, does not own these cars.

Such cars are put is disposal because it would be the best and it is required by law to
avoid anomalies in the police department. But where do such cars from?

Police used cars

Police used cars can be simply defined as cars which were used by the police in
various functions. Most of such cars are not specifically acquired for the purpose of
being used by the police department. You see, the police is not an agency that
generates much funds and income.

You know the function of the police. They chase criminals and confiscate belongings.
One of the top belongings often confiscated by the police from criminals and law
offenders is cars.

You can be surprised at the volume of cars that are confiscated by the police within a
short period of time, like about half a year, or six months. Such repossessed cars
accumulate at the police agencies' parking lots.

Cars are machines that should be well taken care of. Maintenance of each car is
imperative even how much they could get. Mind you, car maintenance nowadays is
not cheap.

Ownership of unclaimed cars and those that are owned by prosecuted criminals are
lawfully turned over to the police, after a specified period of time. Thus, since the
police can never possibly maintain each car, and their storage lot is not enough to
keep these cars for good, police used cars are often sold through special auctions.


Police used car auctions are still auctions, at every angle you would look at it. That
means, you should be prepared to bid for cars you want to buy from the transaction. In
auctions, of course there are winning and losing bids.

Expect that police used cars are priced cheaper than brand new cars or those second
hand cars sold at usual private car auctions. However, sometimes, bidders try to
outbid each other, resulting to higher transaction prices.
You might be surprised to find out that sometimes, police used cars are priced more
than a car's value. That is because of the bidders' competing bids. You should watch
against such transactions.

Check the goods

Also expect to find defects and little to major damages in police used cars. Imagine,
these cars were left at storage facilities for almost a year without maintenance.

When shopping cars at police used car auctions, be sure to bring along an expert so
the engine, spare parts and the overall condition of the police used car in auction
would be appropriately assessed.

No, don't get it wrong. The police is not trying to scam you by selling you damaged
goods. They are just disposing assets that should never stay in their possession for
some time.

Buying police used cars

There is certainly nothing wrong with buying police used cars. Just be sure to check
the condition of such cars before writing the check for payment. Then, ask for the
proper documentation so that no ownership problem can be encountered in the future.
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