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How To Buy A Good Handicap Van-


									Are you a disabled person who wants to drive? Here is vehicle designed for your
special needs. This article explains these options. You can find one that provides for
all your needs. You can now go to the mall without someone driving you. Learn more
about handicap vans in this article.

Handicap vans are a blessing especially to the ones who have disabilities. They make
life easier and more convenient both for the handicapped and their respective families.
The types and manufacturers of wheelchairs are many to meet the varying needs of

There are three types of handicapped vans. The Side Entry Mini Van created by Braun
Ability of VMI. The front and center area of the floor are lowered to install a ramp
into the passenger slide. This style allows you to enter from the side of the vehicle and
be positioned on the front or center of the vehicle.

The side entry minivan is equipped with a power fold out ramp, power in-floor ramp,
or manual fold out ramp and manual in-floor ramp. The rear entry mini handicap van
was created by Viewpoint and has its rear and center area of the floor lowered.

The ramp is in the rear hatch area, which allows you to enter from the rear of the
vehicle. Your wheelchair can be kept in the rear or center of the vehicle. It comes with
either a manual or power fold out ramp.

A full size van can be configured in several ways. Some of the options include full cut
lowered floors; center cut lowered floors, and raised roofs for optimal interior height,
raised side doors or raised rear doors for optimal entrance height.

A spacious area is another feature to look for in buying a handicap van. The doors
must be wide enough to provide comfort when you enter the vehicle with a walking
aide or wheelchair. The seats must also be easily adjusted.

Controls of the mobility van are also important. The controls for handbrakes,
accelerators and other controls essential to operate the van must be easy to reach for
the handicapped person. Other controls for climate and safety, like flashers, lights,
seatbelts and high beams must be accessible.
Handicap vehicles can be customized to meet your needs. Wheelchair vans that are
available in the market are mostly tailored for the general needs of handicapped. If
you have preferences or specifications for comfort and safety, then by all means,
customize your wheelchair accessible van.

The price of handicap vans varies according to the brand, features and size. Most
customized vans do not come cheap. In buying your mobility van, it is best to choose
the vehicle with the features you need and at a price you can afford.

It is not practical to buy a handicapped van at a price that can hurt your pocket,
especially when you plan for a mortgage or car loan. If you are unable to pay for the
monthly installment, you would likely lose it.

Beside the van type, the wheelchair ramp is important. It is how your wheelchair
accesses the van. It should be motorized and able to function in all weather conditions.
A handicap van may have all features except this. It is therefore imperative to have it
on your list.

Finally, your handicap van should meet the Americans with Disability Act. Safety
devices and aides such as ramps and bars must be properly installed.

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