How To Avoid Being Arrested For Drunken Driving- by aihaozhe2


									Most of us do not feel being under alcoholic influence even after a couple of drinks.
However, there is every possibility that we might get arrested for the mere suspicion
of drunken driving. Drunken driving suspects are usually given the choice of opting
for a breath analyzer test or a blood test. There are some states that also give the
option of undergoing a urine test for drunken driving suspects. When given the option,
most of us doom our chances of coming out successful by opting for the breath
analyzer tests. Here are some useful tips and considerations about the type of test that
one should undergo when confronting a drunken driving suspicion.

1. In case you are a smoker it is best to avoid the breathalyzer test. This is because
traces of acetaldehyde are found in the lungs of smokers in far higher amounts than in
non-smokers. Acetaldehyde is also a by-product produced by the liver when a person
consumes alcohol. This is the reason why all breath analyzing devices report smokers
as drunken drivers.

2. In case you are a patient of diabetes you should avoid the breath analyzer tests.
This is because, patients with diabetes with a possibility of low blood-sugar levels, are
more likely to experience ketoacidosis which results in the production of acetone.
Similar to acetaldehyde, acetone will also be detected as alcohol by breath analyzing
devices. In order to make things even difficult, the early symptoms of diabetes
includes blurred vision, weakness, loss of coordination, slurred speech, etc which go
further to establish the fact that you were indeed driving under the influence of

3. A suspect of drunken driving should consciously avoid the breath analyzer tests
in case he or she is on a diet that is low in carbohydrates or if he or she has not had
eaten anything for some time. Teetotalers that are on a Low Carb Diet can also be
detected for drunken driving for the same set of reasons specified in point number 2

4. In case you have had a burp or a belch before taking the breath analyzer test, then
opt for a blood test instead. When you burp or belch after consumption of even little
amounts of alcohol, its traces will remain in the throat region for at least 20 minutes
or more. Hence your chances of yielding a positive result in the breath analyzer test
are higher. Moreover since the machine that analyzes your breath would be
magnifying it by about 2100 times, there are no chances of escape if the traces of
alcohol from your throat are directly breathed into the breath analyzer.

5. Opting to use a mouth wash or a mouth freshener spray is also not advisable as
most of these contain huge amounts of alcohol that stay in the mouth for a minimum
of 20 minutes which will again lead to a conviction as discussed in point 4 above.

Driving under the Influence or DUI case is very serious legal violation, and you
should seek a lawyer's advice when you are convicted of such matter.
If you are trying to defend yourself for the DUI case, then you need to know the DUI
Laws in your local state. Or if you need to know more information about DUI First
Offense then be sure to note what is required by the court order via probation officer.

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