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Basic SEO for Small Businesses


									                                    Basic SEO for Small Businesses

When your business is not that big for further investments, you try to settle for a while on the ‘natural’
way of attracting buyers. This statement is similar with that of online companies that are not too big to
embrace another way of attracting buyers like Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising.

Choosing PPC as a method of attracting targeted traffic isn’t bad though as it can indeed generate traffic
that is much more targeted than organic traffic. However, if you’re not ready to shed hundreds of dollars
for marketing and promotion, SEO is even more practical way of promoting your business online than
plunging directly to the unsure world of PPC. For PPC, advertiser only pay if the visitor clicks on the ad
that directs on the advertiser’s site but there’s no guarantee that once the visitor would buy once he
lands on your page. Another setback, your competitors may just click on your ad to increase your

Organic ranking is a very feasible approach and is considered a basic step to achieve free business
exposure. But sometimes the basic things are left behind the scene because of the emerging
technologies and methodologies. But the fact remains that PPC is for people who got the cash and SEO
is for those people who got the time and less cash.

The basic concepts of search engine optimization is one effective way of building your following by
getting you out in the open and be seen by your target market, earn recognition and receive revenue.
After getting a comprehensive knowledge of SEO, small businesses can check out other marketing
approach more wisely.

RESOURCE BOX: Considering SEO for business is a sensible decision. Get the SEO and Social Media
Marketing Guide to boost your knowledge and expertise on your field with minimal cash out.

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