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					                                  SEO – Hope for Small Businesses

There is a popular notion that “Great things start from small beginnings.” That sounds practical and real.
But sometimes, these „small‟ beginnings are the hardest and at times, costly especially when we talk
about investing for a business.

What about if you own a small business and you‟re planning to promote it online? Well, you may begin
with the organic search engine optimization at a few thousand dollars. With such cost, you may give up
the possibility of the venture and just settle for something cheaper or even not do anything about
marketing your business.

It‟s a fact that there are high-paying SEO companies and in parallel with that is the expensive SEO
services offered to small businesses. Regardless of the cost, many people are willing to shed thousands
of dollars for their business websites to rank on search engines without knowing that they can do it by
themselves. All they need is a step-by-step guide that explains SEO fundamentals and strategies that are
efficient and effective.

If we are to look at how we got educated, we were nurtured at home by our parents, then went to
school to learn from competent teachers and books. Such process also exists when you are doing SEO for
your business website. We get advices from experienced mentors and get some ideas and concepts from

If you don‟t like to spend for online marketing, it is best to invest on one book and get recommendations
from your friends or people who have given their reviews on the book. This way you can follow the
techniques being outlined and can efficiently apply SEO for your business website. Another good thing
about owning a book is that you can always re-read the part that you can‟t understand.

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