Installing Wordpress Step-by-Step by loghomes77


									                                Installing Wordpress Step-by-Step

WordPress is popular for any beginner can install it with ease. It involves a very simple process and we
will be discussing the steps on how to install Wordpress on your own server, supposer you already have
your own domain name and web hosting account:

    1. Obtain a copy of the software. You can download this software from the Wordpress website. Go
       to the site, click the download tab and from there, you will see the link “DOWNLOAD.ZIP.” Click
       on it, and save it on your computer. Once the program is downloaded, you‟ll have to unzip and
       extract the files into a new folder in your pc.

    2. Create an FTP Program. FTP means File Transfer Protocol that allows you to copy files from the
       computer towards your web hosting account. There are numerous FTP programs obtainable from
       the internet and some of them are free. One example of free FTP program is Filezilla. After you
       have created an FTP program, you need to get your FTP Access Information such as the domain
       name, username and password. These data's are needed to gain access and upload files to your
       web host.

    3. Integrate your MySQL Database with your web host. You can find the link to install a MySQL
       database within the web hosting user interface. As soon as the database has been established,
       take note of the name, password, username and the hostname of the database. Normally, the
       hostname is the local host but to be sure; verify it with your web host to be sure. Key this
       information in the Config File. Key in the database name in „putyourdbnamehere.‟ Do the same
       for the DB_USER, DB_PASSWORD and DB_HOST. If you‟re finished, save the file as wp-
       config.php instead of wp-config-sample.

    4. Upload the complete program from your computer to the host‟s server. At this stage, you have to
       determine where you will position the program; you place it either in the root directory or in the
       sub-directory of the host server. Once you made up your mind up where to place the file, upload
       the entire files including the directories in the WordPress folder that you unzipped earlier into
       your desktop.

    5. After you have installed the WordPress in the directory of your server, you may now open the
       internet browser and key in your domain name. In case you set up WordPress in the root-
       directory, key in but change
       with your website name. In case you set up WordPress in the sub-directory, key in but change with
       your website name and subdirectory with the name of the sub-directory you created. Once you
       enter the URL, WordPress will do the rest. Just go through the directions, and you‟ll be done.

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