How the Power Steering System of a Car works-

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					Every part of car helps in the proper movement of car. Whether it is wind screen,
wheels, gear box or power steering, they make a car complete by supporting each and
every function. You enjoy when you car takes sharp turn on road. Do you know the
hidden force responsible for that sharp movement of your car? The power steering
system of a car is responsible for easy movement of your car. Most of the power
steering systems work by using a hydraulic system. The hydraulic pressure is
generally provided by a rotary vane pump controlled by the vehicle's engine. A

Usually there are two types of steering gears - rack and pinion, and recirculating ball
type. Rack and Pinion is widely used in modern cars. Hydraulic fluid that originated
from the cylinder enters the steering gear and returns back at low pressure side in the
power assisted system. The gear box comprises of a valve system that controls fluid
out which reenters later. The pressurized fluid works on the power piston to steer the

As a good driver, you always need to know the various parts of your car which can
help you understand your vehicle better.

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