Belize Real Estate : Escape to a Luxurious Home in Sanctuary Belize by sanctuarybelize


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									     Belize Real Estate : Escape to a Luxurious Home in
                      Sanctuary Belize

Imagine yourself spending time in one
of the most beautiful places in Belize.
Once you have made a purchase of a
property in Sanctuary Belize, you are
well on your way to live in the
destination of your dreams. The
community of Sanctuary Belize offers
safety, luxury and sheer natural
beauty in the southern region of the

Expatriates and retirees have taken a liking for the place for it offers breathtaking
panoramic views of the environment and they can even put up their house whereever
they want to. This must be the best place in the land of Belize with its world-class and
unique amenities. It has the famous Marina Village, which serves as the center of
everything where one can find gourmet dining and where people can shop until their
legs get tired.

If their legs are tired then they can try traveling around the place mounted on a
The equestrian center is a wonderful addition to the community’s amenities that
attracts adults and kids alike.

Living in this wonderful place can occupy your days and fill it with adventures. You
are only a short distance away from scuba diving or even fly fishing in Sapadillo
Lagoon where their yacht club is located. After diving, you can also try your hand on
mountain climbing and even a trip to the nearest wildlife reserve and observe the
animals that are said to be endangered and can only be found in the country.

The Mayan pyramids are only a few hours away from the community. This is one of
the wonders of the world and it can be found here to be explored as you see fit.

Security is very important in these parts that’s why the community is protected by a
24-hour gated security to ensure the residents’ safety and well-being.

Here, houses come in different sizes and shapes. Most importantly, the blue print
will be drawn according to the home of your dreams and be built with materials that
are created with the environment in mind. You can be sure that the house created for
you will have less impact to nature. The community vows to the protection of the
environment and Mother Nature’s well being. With the 14,000 acres of land, only
3,000 acres will be developed for residential structures and amenities.
Houses here are very similar to those you see in architectural digests and magazines.
With intricate designs and functionality to give comfort, convenience and aesthetics
for the house are within arm’s reach. Developers and contractors who will build the
house of your dreams are only from the top selections in the country and have world-
class reputations.

The community homes mostly foreigners who are either retirees or expatriates. You
can be sure to find quite a diverse community filled with peaceful people enjoying the
same benefits as you are, all living in harmony. The Belize real estate industry has
advantages such as making it easier for foreigners to purchase property and sell them
as well due to the lack of capital gains tax. Why not try to escape your busy, stressful
world and purchase a wonderful place in a peaceful country to relax in?

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