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HKS Hi Power Exhaust


									The HKS hi power exhaust is available as an aftermarket hi powered exhaust for
many makes and models including but not limited to: Acura, Mazda, Honda, Toyota,
Ford, GM, Dodge, Lexus, Mitsubishi, Nissan and Subaru. The HKS hi power exhaust
is modeled after some of the GT racing in Japan for turbo charging and aspirated uses.
HKS hi power exhausts incorporated the race inspired offset mufflers and pipes into
street use that now offers more flow and higher PRM because the design is less
restrictive. This is made by taking out bends that are not needed, and giving a
straighter path for the exhaust.

When used as a supercharger, the HKS hi power exhaust lets more exhaust velocity
through for better mid range boosts and more high RPM power. Those vehicles that
are naturally aspirated will see better exhaust flow when the engine's tuning levels go
up. There are some silent HKS hi power exhaust versions that have a silencer inside
the muffler. All of the HKS hi power exhaust systems are made out of stainless steel
tips and mufflers, and some of these tips range in size from 96mm to 120 mm in
diameter depending on make and model of the vehicle. Piping diameters range from
55mm-95mm depending on the make and model of vehicle application. There are
special editions of carbon titanium HKS hi power exhausts that are only available for
specific models of vehicle. These special versions are made of a carbon fibered wrap
shell on the muffler, a titanium tip and piping that is made of polished stainless steel.

Some of these models of HKS hi power exhaust systems are available from the
catalytic converter back, and these are only available for certain makes and models of
vehicle. These high powered exhaust systems use a race inspired angled mounted
stainless steel piping system that allows for the greatest flow from cat to pipe,
allowing for more horsepower as well. These are considered true JDM exhaust
systems, which are known to work best for turbocharged vehicles, but also works
exceptionally well on naturally aspirated vehicles as well. The low resistance offered
by the design of the muffler means that you will get more power than most other types
of exhaust.

The smallest Acura model RSX Base, and will only fit the 2-03 2.0 liter engines. The
piping diameter is 60 mm, the tip is 115 mm in diameter and includes a silencer as
well as being made of coated stainless steel. The HKS hi powered exhaust system for
a Honda Civic offers bolt on cat back exhaust made of stainless steel like all other
models. The inner silencer is included, and is made in Japan with a pipe size of 55mm
and a tip size of 96mm. The most popular of all HKS hi power exhaust systems sold is
the Mitsubishi Eclipse model. This system offers a tip size of 96mm and 65mm pipe
size, and is also made of the same materials including the stainless steel finish.

HKS Hi-Power Exhaust systems incorporate a race inspired angled mounted stainless
steel muffler and piping design for greater flow and higher-RPM power gains.
Depending on the application, piping size ranges from 55 to 95mm. For more details

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