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									Benefits Of Games To The Intellectual Development Of Children

When young children start to toddle, they behave actively and wander about, and they are not aware of
tiredness throughout the whole day. Some parents feel that games are physical activities, so they are
bad for intelligence. As a matter of fact, it is not the case. The children play fun educational games
happily with scientific guidance from adults, which is very helpful to intellectual development of children.
There are a few benefits of games to the intellectual development of young children:

Firstly, the convivial, delightful, and vivacious environment is the significant placet to cultivate the
initiative, creative spirit and elaborative faculty of children. Emotion of children is a crucial
environmental factor for the formation of growth and proper psychology. The children, who are devoid
of the love from parents and are always scolded by their parents, lack convivial atmosphere; therefore,
their intellect and health conditions are not at a good level. The games could bring joyful mood and
leave happy memory trace in Children’s mind, so they are the active ways to develop the intellect of

Secondly, games are important to the formation of children’s quick response and judgment ability. The
young children need to make response and judgment in games; however, this kind of response and
judgment is dramatic and lively. Unconsciously, the children cultivate quick reflection and response
capability, which is very good to the brain growth for the children at this stage.

Thirdly, games are wonderful for developing children’s imagination and ideation. Some visual games
could develop children’s imaginationand creativity, while the children could think how to win and why
they fail in the game.

Fourthly, the games make for building the interest of physical and intellectual activities from children
and inspiring their ambition to knowledge. The secret of genius lies in great interest and limitless
passion, and the games add a part of power for the genius.

Lastly, games also train the willpower of positive confidence and effort for children to gain their ends,
which is a very important psychology quality for children to become useful people when they grow up.
The successful scientists and inventors all have striking confidence and willpower; whereas the children
have so clinging attitude and vigorous energy to get the victory in the games, which is just the core to
cultivate these two psychology qualities.
In order to make the games have greater effect on children’s physical and mental health, parents could
choose to mix the games with edifying the thought of children; that is, when children play the games,
parents can put forward different questions to make children reflect. Parents also could take part in the
games with children, which make children feel more happiness and avail to the proper mentality
formation of children. Simultaneously, parents shall be aware to that physical games should not be too
tired while cerebral games should not take too long.

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