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Google Apps
Solution Introduction
•   21st Century Business Challenges
•   Messaging Challenges
•   Need to Collaborate
•   Technology Challenges
•   An Overview of Google Apps
•   How it Works
•    Value Proposition
•    Questions
Business challenges are changing

         Information overload
          • Volume of information is increasing radically
          • Sort, file, and find is a broken paradigm

         Collaboration is central
          • Work with global, distributed teams
          • Connect with external partners

         Access anywhere
          • Proliferation of smart phones
          • Struggles with VPNs
Messaging challenges
Collaboration challenges
Technology challenges
Google Apps: tools for today's user
       Gmail Huge inbox with search: keep and find everything.

       Talk Business class IM and VC as easy as email.

       Groups      Let users easily create and work in teams.

       Calendar      Make sharing calendars and schedules easy.

       Docs    Makes collaborating as easy as creating

       Sites   Allow users to manage their own sites.

       Video     Unlock the power of video within your business.

       Postini    Security and compliance solutions.
Built on the cloud computing model
Google Apps Premier Edition
            Solution providers: consider
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                      rate sheet

                              $50 / user / year

                              1 year archive + $13
                              10 year archive + $33
Best tools for business

          Information overload
          • Lots of storage: don't worry about quotas
          • Search built into every application
          • Labels and threading: new ways to cope

          Collaboration is central
          • Make collaborating as easy as creating
          • Remove the IT barrier to collaboration

          Access anywhere
          • Mobile versions for applications
          • Web-based, no VPN and no thumb drive
That just keep getting better
                          Frequent, small updates
                           • ~2 week release cycle
                           • Easier for users to adjust

                          Learn from users
                           • Research
                           • Usage analysis

                          Easy to manage
                           • No server or client upgrades
                           • No data migration
                           • Everyone is on the latest release
     Dramatically lower costs

Source: Microsoft Online Services Business Value White Paper (Microsoft, 2009)
Source: Should Your Email Live In The Cloud?’ (Ted Schadler, Forrester, 2009)
     More reliable and secure

   Purpose-built infrastructure                                               Better uptime than on-premise
     • Hundreds of thousands of
       identical servers
     • Custom, hardened Linux OS
     • Can rapidly update all systems
     • No third-party security issues

   World Class Security
     • Industry-leading experts
     • Obfuscation of data at rest
     • Security reviews for all code

   SAS 70 Type II certification
   FISMA certified                                                                Downtime per month (in minutes)

Corporate IT Survey – Messaging & Collaboration, 2008-2009,” The Radicati Group, 2008.
Google's enterprise vision
                             Solution providers: this is a
                             good time to talk about any
                                 custom solutions or
                              integration services you
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