Had A Car Accident- Time To Claim Personal Injury Compensation by aihaozhe2


									A car accident may seriously compromise your quality of life if your injuries are
serious or affect your ability to work. This may further have a financial impact on you,
and result in psychological stress.

In such a case, you may claim for Personal Injury Compensation.
Personal Injury Compensation is meant to pay the damages of any personal injury. A
car accident is a personal injury, and you are eligible for Personal Injury
Compensation if it was not your fault. First of all, you should notify the police of the
situation. Also, immediately report the incident to your insurance company and doctor.
Your doctor should evaluate your health and write up a medical report, which would
be needed if you take the matter to court. You should also record the details of the
accident on your own and if there are any eye witnesses, you should get their accounts
and their contact numbers for further contact.

It is best to hire a personal injury specialist to carry your case forward if you decide to
go ahead with filing for compensation. Discuss with them if making a compensation
claim has benefits that outweigh the costs associated with it.

There are many ways you can make Personal Injury Claims. You can use claim
assessors for the purpose, but they must be authorised and you should ascertain how
much you will have to pay. Often, they work on a ‘no win, no fee' basis, but you
should check how much you have to pay if you do win - and then make sure how you
feel about giving up this amount.

Besides this, you may also file your case in a civil case against the person you deem
responsible for your injuries. However, you can take legal action only for a certain
period of time after the accident.

Make sure you know how long, and if you want to go ahead with it, you should take
action within this time frame. Also make sure the fees for the procedure are well
within your ability to pay them. Some organisations or insurance policies may help to
pay your way through. Any legal action requires the use of a solicitor. Procuring one
well-versed in personal injuries is very important to help meet most of your demands
in the claim. You may want to find your lawyer from the Association of Personal
Injury Lawyers. There is even a unique lawyer association for car accidents, the
Motor Accident Solicitors Society (MASS). Members of this association will guide
you about how to go about with your Personal Injury Compensation.

You may demand compensation for general damages and specific damages. General
damages pay for your actual injury, i.e. compromised health, suffering, or loss of
earning because of disability caused by the accident. The specific damages include the
real financial cost of the accident like cost of car repair, hospital bills etc. The amount
you are paid is your actual expense. The court may decide the amount for general
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