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					I will start with talking about the cost of the gsxr turbo kit. The kits start at around
$3000 and go up to 7 or 8. You can have it installed for under $500 at a local sport
shop. Believe it or not they actually have self install kits. I although would not
recommend doing a self install just because of the price tag of the kit.

They can give a 750 about 170 horsepower and are good for about 15% power
increase for a 1000. I specifically chose the gsxr because they seem to have the most
options for the kit. I personally like the look of the gsxr better anyway. I would always
recommend the gsxr over any other Japanese made sportbike.

The Gsxr Turbo kit is installed to the exhaust system and is nicely hidden underneath
your fairings. This kit will make your riding partners freak out when you blow by
1000's on your 750 stickered bike.

The maintenance of this kit is very minimal and requires only some adjustments or
lubing. I would buy a new kit and avoid used kits. If you are forking out $5000 avoid
low value or used kits remember you get what you pay for. I would recommend using
a reputable installer and someone who has done a few of these installs. They need to
be tuned correctly to function right.

I am only going to briefly mention safety but remember these kits are made to
produce massive power. Be prepared for this kit's power. The gsxr turbo is built for
one thing POWER!

Look for more lens on gsxrs coming from me soon!!!

Carol Heath Lead Writer for good info

Gsxr Turbo

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