Growing importance of Alternate fuel sources

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					As people have already start worrying about their future, which seems to be darker
and colder with each passing day, alternative fuel sources have become popular with
each passing day.

Their importance is not overrated at all as humanity has already exhausted half of the
worlds oil reserves and it will not only become more and more expensive to extract
smaller and smaller amounts of oil, but it will definitely come to its end one day.
Unfortunately our economy now seems to be so dependent on gasoline that even if we
switch to alternative fuel sources, and the sooner we do that the better for everyone, it
might still not be enough to save our lives.

Not being one of the major alternative fuel sources for cars, solar power is actually a
very useful one and what's more it will always be available for us to use. The main
application of solar power is in our houses where with a few solar panels we can
provide all the heating and the hot water we will need. Apart from that there are other
ways also of getting an entire house powered and running only using alternative fuel
sources, although it is still an expensive option.

A large step towards switching to alternative fuel sources were the Hybrid cars.
Technically they don't actually use alternative fuel sources, but they have found a way
to optimize gas consumption to the unbelievable 50 miles per gallon or even more
with the use of conventional gasoline. And thinking realistically this is way better than
burning alternative, but still inefficient, fuels such as vegetable oils, Biodiesel, ethanol
etc. of course those vehicles powered by alternative fuels free us from the dependence
on oil, but they still pollute the environment with the smoke coming out of the
exhausts. That is the main reason it doesn't make any sense to me.

Hydrogen and electricity seem to be the two most promising alternatives for fueling
our future. They are very closely related as hydrogen is a highly efficient power
storage option, and stored in the form of hydrogen in the car, the power is, when
needed, being converted in electricity. In this way constructors avoid the need of huge
and heavy batteries to store the energy.

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