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					If you are like me, then you are constantly looking for ways to save your hard-earned
money, especially when it comes to major expenses like an automobile. Take into
consideration the depreciation of a vehicle, no one should purchase a car without
doing some homework and price comparision first. The Internet has become one of
the greatest tools available to buyers when shopping for the best deal around. Lately
it's become more popular for consumers to purchase vehicles from government held
auctions. The first time I went to an auction I was totally blown away at the prices
these vehicles were selling for. These were not old jalopies with leaking motors and
dilapidated interiors. These were late model SUVs, Sports Cars, Luxury Vehicles and
Exotics that were selling for 95% less than the fair market price. In my state, there
were hundreds of vehicles, all makes and models with clean titles. It's no wonder
these auctions have become so popular to consumers.

All of these vehicles were "seized" by government agencies or banking insitutions
through different seizure, forfieture and surplus laws. Obviously, government
agencies such as the DEA, IRS and Police accumulate huge amounts of property each
year due to criminal activities. But did you know that banking institutions are
constantly repossessing property due to folks defaulting on their loans? With the
recent economic down turn, bank "repos" and managing these inventories have
become an enormous burden on these loan establishments. These inventories are
quickly liquidated and sold at government sponsored auctions for ridiculous prices.
Most of the auctions start at a couple hundred bucks and go to the highest bidder.
That's where consumers can greatly benefit.

Before you head down to your local auction, it's important to do your homework.
Research the fair market price or Kelly Blue Book value so you know how much to
bid. Most of these vehicles are late models that will be in showroom condition. If you
do find damages it should be nothing more than cosmetic and this is due to the
method it was acquired. These autos are guaranteed to have clean titles so you don't
have to worry about them having major damages. If you are not mechanically inclined,
you may want to take someone with you that can inspect the vehicle and evaluate its
condition. You can also get the VIN number and do a search on the vehicle history.
Also, if you don't plan on paying cash, then it's a good idea to secure the financing
before going.

Government seized car auctions are one of the best ways to save thousands of dollars
on your next vehicle purchase. There are several government seized auction sites on
the web, but be cautious when making your selection because I have discovered that
some of these services do not have a "living" database with up to date information on
all area auctions. I recommend you check out, they are a highly
reputable company with a searchable online database. They work hard to make sure
their information is up to date with auctions in your area.