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									One of the easiest ways to obtain a great discount for auto insurance in Ohio for those
that are in school is to stay in school! In order to qualify for the Good Student
Discount students need to carry a B or better average in either high school or college.
It also helps to be in your seat when the bell rings but that is minimizing and
simplifying this fact and we will not go there today!

Cheap Auto Insurance in Ohio

If you are the parent of a teenage/young adult driver in school and you take care of the
auto insurance premium (pay) for your child while in school then please let them
know that the higher the grade the cheaper the policy will be for good old Mom and
Dad. If this doesnt get them motivated try offering a deal such as a percentage of what
money is saved up by their high grades and good driving habits back to them as an
allowance of sorts. Anything that correlates to your driving child in school staying in
school and hopefully earning that good grade is well worth the effort.

America Saves on Auto Insurance

While the children are studying hard and pulling those grades up or keeping those
grades right up there so that they can get into The Ohio State University, you can rest
assured that they are doing their part in saving you money on your Ohio auto
insurance. After all it will not be long before they are all graduated and will have to
pay for their policies and their food and rent theirselves!

Drive Well

The good student driver discount is not only contingent for those kiddos that stay in
school but also is dictated by the fact that they do not play Crash up Derby while not
in school! This is important and not only for the good driver/student discount but also
for the health and safety of the children that you love so very much. We understand
that the bottom-line is their safety and see the auto insurance in Ohio quest for
discounts secondary to that main goal.

Thank You All
We wanted to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you Buckeye to be
parents and also wish you the best in your life and the safest possible route as well.
The importance of a safe and healthy trip through life in general is what we all hope
and desire.

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