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									Instant shortcuts traffic is a tutorial e-book and video course written by Richard
Legg . The training focuses on getting traffic to your websites, with the hope of
making money.It's a showcase of the many processes in the art of getting
instant traffic, including such things as choosing the best keywords for high
search engine ranking and getting your website listed in search engines in the
least amount of time possible, as well as an ethical way to spy on your
competition and outrank them in the search engines.

instant traffic shortcuts presents a variety of methods to increase traffic to your
websites. For those who sell their own products, product promotion as an
affiliate or those trying to build their marketing lists online,getting traffic to your
website is crucial and often one of the most difficult things to achieve
In this e-book, you will learn many methods to getting traffic to your website, that
you may initially think are irrelevant, such as the choice of the correct domain
name. One interesting technique I learned is how to re-purpose your content
into different forms for maximum exposure and search engine domination.

It's a fact, google loves certain things about some sites and just knowing those
part's of the “google code” are worth the modest price of this course.

My only complaint is that richard has not updated the course in over a year, but
all is well as the foundation that he lays out is solid and not prone to be affected
by the latest google “slap”. Follow the blueprint layed out in the book and you
will succeed!

If you need good solid direction then this course over delivers. Get it here

Getting Traffic with Instant Traffic Shortcuts

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