Generating Power from WVO _Waste Vegetable Oil_

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					We all know that Waste Vegetable Oil can be converted to Biodiesel. To get the total
understanding of what a biodiesel is, this refers to a non-petroleum-based diesel fuel
that consist of short chain alkyl esters (methyl or ethyl) through the process of
transesterification of the vegetable oil or animal fat which can either be used alone or
blended together with conventional petrodiesel in unmodified diesel engines.

Biodiesel is distinguished from the straight vegetable oil (SVO) used as fuels in some
converted diesel engines.

How biodiesel was discovered and where… goes back to 1937 in Belgium. It was
discovered by G. Chavanne of the University of Brussels when they were performing
the procedure for the transformation of vegetable oil for their uses as fuels.

There are many uses for biodiesel. It can either be used in its pure form or can be
blended with petroleum diesel as what we have stated above, at any concentration in
most modern diesel engines. Biodiesel has different solvent properties than
petrodiesel and will degrade natural rubber gaskets and hoses in vehicles (mostly the
ones manufactured before 1992). One thing about biodiesel is that it has been known
to break down deposits of residue in the fuel lines where petrodiesel has been used.

Biodiesel is distributed globally. Their sources are everywhere - you can get them in
your own homes, local markets, restaurants and in food manufacturers. Waste
Vegetable oil is the way to go for a healthy and clean living; as well as being
cost-effective it really is the best alternative fuel.

There are a lot of resources there concerning WVO. Be part of raising awareness to
the uses of waste vegetable oil. For more information on Waste Vegetable Oil and
how to convert them into biofuel, you can visit /index.php/WVO-Blog.html. Think
about the future and think about the next generation. The success of the future
depends on how well man takes care of his environment. Earth matters no matter

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