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                                                    FX Trading
FOCUS provides a complete front-to-back STP solution for high volume FX trading with real time position keeping and
P&L. The FX trading module works seamlessly with FOCUS Margin trading for real-time margin trading. Focus also
provdes clients with full back office confirmation, settlements, payments and reporting.

COvERAGE                                           KEY FEATuREs
Instruments                                        Front Office
  FX Spot/Fwd                                        Deal input (on line, off line). Deal/strategy capturing
  Open forward                                       Reuters Dealing links
  FX Open forward cash settled                       Proprietary, brokerage and customer trades
  FX Swap                                            Order management
  Margin Trading                                     Conditional orders and order strategies
  FX EFP                                             Internal trades (branch-to-branch, book-to-book)
  FX Futures                                         Margin trading. Margin events processing (Threshold, KnockOut)
  FX Basket                                          Flexible margin requirements definition - trade/position/customer

                                                   Middle office
                                                    Portfolio management
                                                    Real-time MTM
                                                    Multiple real-time datafeed
                                                    Different open position calculation modes: gross, net
                                                    Bank/Branch/Portfolio/Customer open position monitoring
                                                    Treasury. Default and order funding
                                                    Asset Flow balance, gap monitoring
                                                    Risk scenario (including portfolio simulation)
                                                    Hierarchical limit real-time control
                                                    Real-time margin control
                                                    Auto closeout and rollovers

                                                   Back Office
                                                    Confirmation process for trades and payments (including SWIFT
                                                    Payments and netting management. DVP, prepayment support
                                                    Cancel/Correct mode for trades
                                                    Agreement management
                                                    Collateral management


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