Garden Tractors by aihaozhe2


									Article describes what garden tractors are and the specific tasks that they are best
suited to execute.

Technology has enabled us to achieve much more than we ever thought was possible a
few decades back and one such interesting result of this advancement is domestic or
garden tractors that can be bought in the market today. Also called mini tractors,
garden tractors are even smaller than the compact tractors that are used in small

Easy to manoeuvre and light, garden tractors are mainly used to cut grass. This can be
done with the use of rotary cutting equipment that is attached to the garden tractor.
Garden tractors look fairly similar to ride on lawn mowers. However garden tractors
are sturdier, more stable and have stronger axles and better transmission.

These garden tractors can also be used for other purposes as well. You can mount
cultivators, sweepers, rollers and harrows to garden tractors. These garden tractors can
also be used on small portions of land for ploughing and seeding if required. However
this is not possible to do on small beds. You would need a decent sized vegetable
garden if you are looking at using garden tractors in such a manner.

Garden tractors may not be the greatest option if you are looking at buying something
for a farmhouse. In such cases, compact tractors prove to be better and more efficient.
However there is nothing better than garden tractors to take the pain of lawn mowing
away. You can literally breeze through the whole process as you drive the garden
tractor over your lawn without feeling the pinch of the chore at all.
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