Fuel Cell Forklift Debate by aihaozhe2


									Dewitt, NY - June 7, 2010: The Second Quarter 2010 issue of The MHEDA Journal

On the other hand, Brower touts the benefits of hydrogen fuel cells and how they can
improve end-user operations. "The key with fuel cells is to focus on specific
high-volume and high-throughput operations," he says. "As long as the fuel cell has
fuel in it, it will run at full speed, whereas a lead-acid battery has performance
limitations as it discharges. In some applications, a fuel cell can last one and a half to
two times longer than a fully charged battery. In a high-throughput environment, the
productivity difference can be substantial."

For the complete articles, read "Beware Fuel Cell Lift Trucks" and "Fuel Cells
Provide End-User Benefits" in the April 2010 issue of The MHEDA Journal Online at

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