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									It was in 1964 that gave birth to one of the best selling cars in the automotive
industry's history. Known to many as the Ford Mustang, a compact yet high
performance sports car, this particular car line enjoyed a lasting legacy that has
spanned more than 40 years. Based on the Ford Falcon's platform, the Mustang was
such an innovative product that it started a new classification for small, sporty and
usually powerful cars called pony cars, obviously a play on the models name
borrowed from the feral horses of the western and southwestern region of the US.

The Ford Mustang underwent five major redesigns, or generations, with so many
changes that included complete overhauls of the car's look, size, engine and
performance. While the various incarnations of the Ford Mustang vary from each
other, the design philosophy has always focused on keeping with the image of the car
both as a high horsepower vehicle and giving it an edge in terms of aesthetics.

The critical acclaim and accolades of the Mustang are a testament to its success,
breaking into the Car and Driver Ten Best list in the years 1983, 1987, 1988, 2005 and
2006. It has won the Motor Trend magazine Car of the Year award twice, in 1974 and

Currently, there is much speculation regarding the 6th generation Mustangs that are
slated for 2009. It has been rumored that these upcoming incarnations will have
specifications that will surpass 300HP mark, as well as major redesign on both the
chassis and body. Ford however has promised that the platform will remain the same
as the 5th generation Mustangs. Whether or this series will achieve the same
following as its predecessors remains to be seen.

Cars that have the reputation of the Ford Mustang usually have a strong and loyal
collector community, particularly the 5.0 engine Mustangs which paved the way for
an entire aftermarket community for that specific model. Prior to the 5.0 Mustangs, it
was the '68 Mustang that proved to be the most iconic model of the Mustang line,
thanks in part to its participation in the legendary car chase scene of the action-thriller
flick Bullitt, in which the main protagonist Lt. Frank Bullitt, played by Steve
McQueen, drove a modified Mustang GT-390 fastback.

Maintaining and modifying a Mustang could prove to be a daunting yet rewarding
task. Certain parts are probably harder to find when it comes to the classic models, for
example, earlier versions of the Mustang do not have a fuel-injected engine
configurations, prompting the demand for mechanical Ford Mustang fuel pumps and
ignition components. Electric Ford Mustang fuel pumps weren't introduced until 1987,
considering that it was at that year that the Mustang started using fuel injected

While modifications are usually for enhancing the look and power of the Mustang,
certain accessories are a necessity. Catalytic converters for the newer Mustang models
can help make the Ford Mustang environmentally friendly. On the other hand, Ford
Mustang tire chains are an absolutely must during the winter season, especially in
heavy snow months.

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