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Ford Mustang Lights by aihaozhe2


									Do you want to add a little extra flare to the way you ride? How about improving your
visibility on the road after a late night, or even making yourself easier to pick out so
that your back end of your Mustang doesn't get smashed in? Obviously we are talking
about headlights and tail lights. There are many different directions one can go when
it comes to the lighting of a new Mustang. There are HID lights, LED tail lights and
3rd brake lights and projector head lights. All improve visibility and style, which is
just as important to most of us.
The ASM HID lights that are just barely becoming available in 2009 are being made
with the highest quality materials like imported Philips quartz from holland for the
manufacturing of the bulbs. There are a lot of older generation "cheap kits" out there
and they don't really compare to what is being put on the market now by ASM. HID
lights are much brighter than the stock halogen head lights and offer up to 3 times the
lumens (light output) of the factory lights and increase your visibility dramatically.
They give the Mustang a very distinguished look with the headlights and fog lights lit
up in a super bright HID light that looks great in the dark.
Installation on the ASM HID headlight conversion kits is simple, using the factory
connections and takes about 30 to 45 minutes per set. One set for the headlights, and
one set for the fogs. The ASM HID conversion kit uses a direct plug and play install,
which fits directly into the headlight housing with no need to cut stock headlight
wiring. Installation simply requires connection of the wiring harness to the stock
headlight to the bulb's harness and then connection the wiring harness from the bulb
to the HID Ballast. There isn't any wire splicing it just fits right in. And in this day of
conservation the ASM HID head lights will consume about half the power of stock
lights (35 watts vs 55 watts) while still dramatically improving the light (by about
three times). The ASM Bulbs and Ballasts are also backed by a lifetime manufacturer
Now for the style end. Recon lighting has just released their mustang line including
projector healights, led tail lights and led 3rd brake lights. Installing some LED lights
is sure to make you ride in style with cutting edge lighting, which also use much less
power than the factory lights. The offer both a smoked lens or a clear lens on the
projector headlights, tail lights and 3rd brake lights. They are sealed tight with gaskets
to stop internal moisture and vented to prevent high heat damage. The projector
headlights are a vast improvement over the stock headlights, and that's while still
using the factory halogen bulbs. they can even be used in conjunction with the HID
conversion kits for even more visibility, as long as they are 35 watt HID's and not 55
watt. The 55's aren't legal because they are too bright. Adding a little something extra
to your Mustang does not have to be difficult and the benefits of an easy improvement
like this make life that much easier and enjoyable on the road at night. Not to mention
the comments because of the new menacing look of the lights.
The Recon Mustang Lights & Mustang HID Lights are the best upgrades for Mustang
Lights on the market- JD

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