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Messaging server/Esnatech
application server

                            Release 7.1 Service Pack 2
    Esnatech History and Background
       Leading developer of Unified Communications technology
           One of the only recognized independent UC solution providers
           Multiple product and industry awards

       Long history of technical innovation in enterprise communication space
           Founded in 1989
           Developer of one of the first enterprise voicemail system
           Earlier provider of Unified Messaging technology
           Launched first Unified Communications solution in 2001

       Strategic partnerships with leading PBX OEMs and communication technology providers
           Partners/OEMs: Mitel, Iwatsu, Avaya, 3Com, Aastra, Toshiba, and Teltronics
           Technology: Naunce, Radvision, Sybase, and Microsoft

       Headquarters in Toronto, Canada

       40 employees: approximately half devoted to R&D

                                                          Recent Awards and Industry Recognition

    Management Team
       Mohammad Nezarati                                         Arno Ermarkaryan
       Founder, President & CEO, Acting CTO                      Director Engineering
       • Founded Esna in 1989 to deliver voice messaging         • Joined Esna in 2002
         solutions to the enterprise                             • Directs R&D and quality assurance
       • Overseas operations and strategic direction             • 10+ years in the messaging space
       • Principle architect and product visionary               • Previously with Nortel in in the Call Pilot UM group
       • Bachelor of Applied Science, University of Toronto      • Hold a Masters of Science and MBA

       Davide Petramala                                          Anthony Burt
       VP Sales & Marketing                                      CFO
       • Joined Esna in 1993                                     • Joined Esna in 2000
       • Overseas sales, marketing, business development, and    • 20+ years experience working with technology
         professional services                                     companies in management and finance capacity
       • Driver of OEM partnerships and international efforts    • Attained Chartered Accountant designation at Clarckson,
       • Bachelor of Commerce, McGill University                   Gordon & co.
                                                                 • Bachelor of Commerce, University ofToronto

       Mehdi Nezarati
       VP Operations
       • Joined Esna in 1992
       • 15+ years in the messaging and communication industry
       • Overseas support and customer service
       • Bachelor of Applied Science, University of Toronto
       • Brother of Mohammad Nezarati

    What we do……

                                         Professional Services

                             Develop Custom OEM solutions

          Private label UC solutions

 Sell PC based UC solutions to VARS worldwide

1992    1996              2001         2002                      2004
    Esnatech/Mitel Relationship
       Launched first generation UC solution- OEM version 6510 2002

       Providing Mitel’s advance Unified Messaging platform from 2002-2007

       2004 Rebranded from Mitel 6510 to Mitel Messaging server to reflect the key strength

       Messaging server is the branded version of Esnatech Telephony Office-LinX

       2008Started discussions to provide Mitel channel unbranded version to increase feature functionality and breadth of
        supported environments

           Cisco
           Avaya
           Nortel
           Redundancy and high availability

       2009 we will be offering unbranded version pure SIP based through Commsource.
           Telephony Office-LinX version 7.1

    Core Services to Mitel channel

                              Product Development

Product management                                    Professional Services

                                                            System integra

          Sales Engineering
                         Sales Positioning
    Esnatech/Mitel Team

       Channel Managers                                        Customer Service
           Mitel AE                                                Leah Hodgers
           Esnatech Channel Manager- West Chantal Seeley
                                                                Technical Support
           Esnatech Channel Manager- East Michael Daniels
                                                                    Manager of Support- Scott McCardy
       Sales Engineers
                                                                Marketing & product Management
           Esnatech SE manager- West- Adam Kling
                                                                    VP Marketing-Davide Petramala
           Esnatech SE Manager-East- John Biancucci
                                                                    VP Operations- Mehdi Nezarati
       Webinar & Demo Resources

           Susan Fernand
    Sample Customers

+ Solutions
    Application suite that goes beyond messaging….
        Mobility / presence management solutions
        Unified communications solutions (email, voice mail, telephony within
         Groupware and CRM solutions)

            Voice Processing solutions
            Unified Messaging solutions
            Speech enabled Mobility servers
            Fax solutions
            CTI/Presence platforms
            Secure messaging solutions
            Emergency broadcasting platforms
            Disaster Recovery and High availability solutions
            Meet me audio conferening
            Vertical application suite
                Education/Hospitality/Retail/Medical/Government/Financial/Legal
    Messaging Server Positioning
       It is a Unified Communications
        solution that unifies
        messaging, mobility and
        presence into a single simple
        platform that integrates to ANY
        phone system, ANY email
        environment, ANY mobile
        phone, and ALL your core
        business applications!
    It’s over, you have to change
                                                                                     Avaya Unified
                                           Octel® 250/350                  Intuity
                                                          Octel® 200/300              Messenger
                                                                                                     Octel® 50/100
         Your voice mail is end of life!
                                                Aria                       AUDIX
                                                           Serenade

         No replacement parts, no
         support! The risk and cost to
         maintain is too high!

        New templates ready for

        Aria
                                                                       UC Server
        Serenade                                             Emulates your old voice mail
                                                                  Replaces your old IVR
        Intuity                                                  Adds Mobility, Unified
                                                                   messaging and CTI
    Unified messaging for the real world!

       No product in the market
        matches the breadth of      Microsoft Exchange       TM

        environment support

       No product matches the
        breadth of configurations    Lotus Domino       TM
           SMTP
           Sync
           Secure
                                     Novell GroupWiseTM
           Mixed
           Distributed
           Redundant
           Multi-tenanting

 Full   interoperability
    MS Exchange 2000/2003/2007
    Lotus Domino 6.0/7.0/8.0
    Novell GroupWise 6.0 or above
    Google APPS
    Google GMAIL
    Zimbra

 Supports     any environment
    Desktop mail client- Outlook, Notes, etc
    Web mail interfaces- OWA, inotes,
    All OS’s- MAC, Windows, Linux
+ Rim Blackberry, Windows Mobile,
 Apple iPhone & Symbian too!
    Esnatech UC Server links all smart
     phones not just with voice but with
     full Unified Communications. See
     Rich presence, initiate live calls
     from your PBX.

    Change your location, access
     unified messaging, and have a
     Live instant message right from
     the palm of your hand!
+ Presence integration

   Telephony location/status / availability tied to your daily schedule
    Full Desktop UC/CTI
   Click to dial from any

   Screen pops and call control

   Call recording and logging

   Instant messaging integrated
    with SMS

   Rich Presence
    Speech enable your company
       Esna UC Server provides simply
        easy speech access to your callers
        so they can request any resource by
        calling in and saying what they

       An employees first or last name

       Operator at anytime

       A department or group

       A remote location

       Leveraging IVR any type of data
        Call Logging and recording
   Record on the fly                      Calls logged and deposited in
       Button on set                       voice mail as “recorded
       clicking on desktop software        conversations”

   Record all incoming calls              Can be forwarded to email or
       Configured by user on desktop
                                            logging mailbox for archiving
       Configured by admin                UM users automatically left in
                                            email server

                                           Time date stamped

                                           Indexed by from / for/ date
    Value of Unified Communications….

      Majorcost savings in a Mitel/Esna UC system vs.
      investment in each technology
         Voice mail server
         IVR server
         Fax server
         Speech enabled automated attendant
         CTI server
         Presence Server
         Unified Messaging
         SMS/Text Messaging server & Services
         Mass Broadcast Alert Server and services
         Mobile server
         Call Logging and recording
    Telephony Office-LinX Compatibility reference
    SIP based PBX’s           Iwatsu, Toshiba, Mitel3300, Nortel,
                              Avaya, Switchvox, 3Com NBX,
                              Broadsoft, eOn
    Legacy Infrastructure     Analog, T1/E1, SMDI, Digital set
    Rich Presence support     TAPI, CSTA
    Key functionality added

       Enhanced fax engine- messaging and printing

     New    SIP configuration wizard

       New MS Exchange 2007 interface with Super User
        authentication ( beta)

       Custom SIP interface to Toshiba CIX platform ( beta)

       Mobile UC application for Apple iPhone( beta)
    Key functionality addressed
       Enhancements to Windows Mobile 6 UC Client Manager

       Internal sequential extension dialing on location settings

       Optimized database upgrade from earlier versions

       Enhancements to UC GroupWare forms:
           MS Outlook
           Lotus Domino

       Optimization of blind transfers to external extensions

       Optimization of message notification to external devices
    Key functionality addressed
       Enhancements to wake up calls- configuration and setup via

       Enhancements to caller ID information through CTI event and
        message record on transferred calls
    Enhanced softfax
       Optimized fax over voice channel processing

       Addresses intermittent compressed fax page reception

       Embedded error checking for fax reception

       Ability to renegotiate transmission speeds during fax

       Greater support for SIP trunking and distortion

       Embedded support for T.38 for future releases

       Supports messaging & printing
    New SIP configuration Wizard
       Enhanced interface with point and click configuration

       Provides both SIP trunking and extension setup

       Works with enhanced CTI integrations:
           SIP& TAPI
           SIP & CSTA
           SIP & SMDI
           SIP Dialogic Gateways
                                       SIP trunking & SIP extensions

                                       Enhanced support SIP-TAPI/SMDI/CSTA

        SIP based PBX

                                Legacy PBX
    MS Exchange 2007 interface

       Custom UC support through a Super User account
           Single point of administration
           Elimination of password expiry and manual configuration
           Mirrors embedded Exchange 2007 UM authentication

       Full support for Unified Messaging

       Full support for Contact Synchronization

                                 Super User Authentication- Contacts/ Messages

              MS Exchange 2007
    Mitel 3300 SIP integration
       Enhanced interface with point and click configuration

       SIP connectivity with enhanced MiTAI Support
           Enables rich presence to mobile devices
           Enhanced DID mobility
           Integrated 3300 dialing to core business applications

                                SIP with enhanced MiTAI Support

                                Leverages SIP VM off 3300

+UC Mobile for Apple iPhone

    Available in Apple APP Store for Free:
        Search under Esna or UC mobile

    Connects to your in house Telephony Office-LinX via IP
     – Same credentials as UC Client Manager

    Leverages same desktop license as UC Client Manager

    Enables PBX dialing from iPhone

    Enables enterprise presence from iPhone

    Enables enterprise IM and mobility configuration from
        For detailed overview check out:
    Unified Communications

       Access new build today on Esna FTP:

       Username: esnauser

       Password: esna2006

    Go to the following folder: \software\R7.1(SP2-External_Trial)

       June 02 2009 – officially available for external trials
           Looking for trial sites to provide greater exposure to the build
           Contact
           Alternatively Contact your Esnatech account manager:
               Susan Fernand-
               Michael Daniels-
               Chantal Seeley-

       For documentation and release notes go to:

       Scheduled for July 2009 GA
    Unified Communications
       Access more Product information log on to:


    For our online Demos, access our demo center at:
    Follow us online


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