Floor Mats- Universal Vs Custom Floor Mats by aihaozhe2


									Floor mats protect your floorboard from damages. With regular use floorboards get
dirty and needs to clean regularly. Apart from preventing dirt, the floor mats protect
original floor of the vehicle from being harmed. Though the floor mats seems simple
and many people tend to ignore them, they play a crucial role in the cleanliness and
hygienic atmosphere inside the car.

The original floor mats of your car have to negotiate with several hazards such as mud,
dust and dirt, water etc. that cause serious damages to your car's floorboard. That
makes floor mats the crucial car care accessories. The floor mats come in two basic
categories: The Universal floor mats and the Custom floor mats.

The universal floor mats: These floor mats are designed to protect all types of
vehicles' floorboards. The Universal Floormats are relatively cheap. They offer
excellent protection that makes them hot favorite among car owners. Since these
come in free sizes, these fit almost all types of vehicles. However, the universal floor
mats may or may not fit perfectly. Neither can you personalize these mats.

Custom floor mats: Custom floor mats are specially designed for particular type of car
models. Since they are made keeping your car's specifications in mind, they offer
better finishing and fit perfectly and don't slip.

The custom fit floor mats are manufactured by using latest CAD/CAM technologies.
The material used is another important aspect. Reliable manufacturers use world class
materials. The most frequently used materials are vinyl and nylon. The 40 ounce
premium nylon and the 70 ounce high density nylon are most commonly used in high
end floor mats.

Custom floor mats come with several other features as well. The thick nibbed covered
backside enables them to minimize the slippage. There are different types of custom
floor mats available to choose from. You can select the best suitable from the different
luxurious colors on offer.
The custom floor mats used with vinyl are transparent. You can use them on the top of
the original floor mats. The original logos will be visible and offer excellent
protection from mud, dirt, rain, and other stains.

There are top class custom floor mats available that include Carpet-70 Ounce, Nylon
Carpet, and Clear Nibbed Floor Mats etc. You can get your logos and names
embroidered on custom floor mats as well. So, get quality floor mats and personalize
the theme of your car.

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