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					The BMW 750Li comes with stock 19 inch rims and stock tires. From your tint to
your tires; you must not take away from its beautiful design. When purchasing rims
and tires you must find the best fitting tires due to its weight and wheelbase. BF
Goodrich is one of the most popular tires for rims; these rims come in various styles
and types including run flats. Goodyear and Michelin are good as well; if you just
want to save a few bucks. But on the other hand if its quality you are looking for then
the choice is clearly Falcon. Some of the best rims and tires for those that are speed
demons then Pirelli would be the best choice in terms of drivability and control.

You also have to take into consideration city versus highway driving and how it may
affect your rims. The worst thing on the planet for a car lover to see is a cracked or
bent rim. Driving around on rough rugged pavement can easily bend or crack your
rims on our vast selection of pot holes. You may even need an alignment after
speeding down Flatbush Avenue; trust us we know from experience.

Get the Rims and Tires That FIT

Finding the best fitting tires is a choice that's a bit difficult; if you are not well
informed. Your must always take into consideration the following when shopping for
rims and tires for the BMW 750Li.

Will the rims fit my vehicle?
Will the tires fit the rims?
What are the tires specially designed for?
Do you live in the city or suburban area?
Do you do a lot of highway driving?
When was your last wheel alignment? (if used vehicle)
Does the vehicle require any additional custom work to accommodate the rims and
tire combination?
How much will the installation cost and does it include tires as well?
How much will the labor cost?
Now that you are armed with these questions feel free to contact any of our listed rim
and tire shops for any information. Head over to our customization page and see
which rims fit that beautiful 750Li.

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