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Features unsurpassed in the GM Tavera


									It is the promise of assurance and reliability that every Chevrolet car is endowed with.
GM has a car for every segment and each car has set an example of technological
superiority, engineering brilliance and performance advantage. In the MUV segment
in India it is the Tavera, the Tavera Neo that offers true value for money. As a buyer
and as a lover of multi utility vehicles, you will find a combo package in the

When GM first introduced its series of cars, it is driven by the philosophy of
designing cars to suit the pockets of all. The

Car connoisseurs have fallen in love with this car owing to the excellent fuel
efficiency - an average mileage of 14.3 km per litre. Another advantageous feature in
this MUV is its Noise Vibration Harshness (NVH). Power packed with a 2.5L turbo
diesel engine, generating a power of 80 PS @ 3900 rpm and a torque of 19 PS @
1800 rpm and accoutered with Direct Fuel Injection System, the Tavera Neo
facilitates a high quality ride. With low-compression turbo charging, effortless
steering at low speed, sophisticated suspension system, the Chevrolet Neo Tavera is a
must have for MUV lovers.

Tina Sharma is a freelance automotive expert which provides detailed explanation on
latest cars in India, Chevrolet Beat India, new cars in India, Chevrolet Cars and useful
tips for Indian Cars, Chevy Beat India.

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