Elements of a Windshield

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					When you look at the auto glass in your car windshield then likely you feel as though
you know everything there is to know about it. After all it is a very simple creation.
That said however, the windshield in a car is actually more complicated that it looks
and has many different elements to it which we shall look at here.

Two layers of glass: You might not realise it, but in any windshield today there are not
one but two layers of glass. This is used in order to add extra safety and security to
your car as it means that should a stone or pebble go through one layer of glass, it
hopefully still won't go through the other meaning that you are safe behind the wheel.

Laminate plastic: Most people are unaware that between the two sheets of glass that
make up the auto glass on their windshield is a layer of sticky laminate plastic (until
this article you may not have even been aware that windshields used two panes of lass
at all). However this is infact the case and the sheet of double sided stick plastic is
very important for being able to use the windshield effectively and safely,
The purpose of the laminate plastic in a windshield is to help prevent the glass from
shattering all over the driver and the passengers in an accident. This it does by
providing them with something to cling on to which means that even when the glass is
broken the individual shards should still hang in place.

Wire mesh: Some windshields also have a wire mesh running through the middle of
the, The purpose of this is for heating and climate control should you wish to regulate
the temperature of your ca and outside it. This then can help to remove ice or to clear
condensation making it a very helpful feature (though it can interfere with GPS
devices). This mesh is of course so thin that it does not obstruct the drivers' views
from the window while they're driving. It works by simply conducting electricity
which causes it to heat up and means it can heat the glass in the window easily as a

Tinting: At the same time, it is also popular for windshields to have some kind of 'tint'
in their glass to alter the colour. This can be used to block the sun from blinding the
driver, and can also be useful for preventing UV rays which cause cancer if received

Windshield wipers: Finally most windshields will also have windshield wipers. These
are on most cars and consist of two blades that wipe across the glass in order to brush
away rain, condensation and frost. These can be operated from inside the vehicle
which is useful as it allows you to clean the glass while still driving to keep visibility
high. Most also come with jet washers, which spray water and soap and allow you to
remove more difficult stains.

     There are many aspects of a windshield then that work in tandem to provide the
many uses that a windshield does. It is a sign of how well designed they are that most
of this goes unnoticed.
    As you can see then there are many aspects of a Tucson windshield that you
might not have been completely familiar with. For Chandler auto glass repair and
replacement visit the links.