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					While there are a great number of people who are going goo-goo over the newer
hybrid vehicles because of how economical and energy efficient there are, purchasing
a hybrid vehicle isn't always necessary in order to save money or the environment. In
fact, since the recent economic crisis has struck the United States, there has been a
significant increase in the number of people who are purchasing used vehicles-
especially certified used vehicles. When asked why this is, the answer is simple:
because it saves a ton of money.

I used to (and still do) own a Jeep Liberty. Shortly after I purchased my Jeep Liberty
(brand new, mind you), the American economy tanked. Suddenly, I was faced not
only with a new, high car payment but even higher prices at the gasoline stations. It
wasn't unusual for me to receive my paycheck and simply turn it over to the attendant
at the gas station as I pumped upwards of $75 worth of gasoline sometimes twice a
week. At one point, I was having to decide between purchasing groceries to eat versus
being able to fill up my car so that I could get to work. It was a vicious cycle, but it
was also something that taught me a valuable lesson in making wiser decisions when
it came to buying a car and saving money.

When you are buying a car for the first time, don't base your decision on emotion
because you will always wind up with the losing end of the stick. Additionally, take
someone with you to the dealership who actually knows something about the car
buying process and who has your best interests in mind. When I went to purchase my
first vehicle, I brought someone with me who I thought was knowledgeable about the
car buying process but who, instead, turned out to have their own agenda and who
didn't really care about my well being. Additionally, look at the kind of person you are
and the lifestyle that you lead. If you are at a point in your life where you want to be
able to put aside money for savings and/or not have a really high car payment each
month, then you don't really need to be looking at brand new cars.

Too often, used cars get a bad wrap because they are simply not brand new, out of the
box. However, nothing could be further from the truth as many people who own
vehicles take excellent care of them for the duration of their ownership. Most people
wind up turning in their old cars in order to purchase newer versions of the same car
or a different type of vehicle to accommodate whatever lifestyle they are leading- not
because there is something necessarily wrong with the vehicle. Do your homework
and arm yourself with the information that you will need to deal with the salespeople
at the dealerships. Remember that they are working for you and not the other way
around. Looking at more economical, gently used cars will almost always be a better
bet than purchasing a brand new hybrid- especially for someone who is concerned
about their financial situation.

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