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									People take up smoking for a lot of reasons. Maybe you were just curious, another reason could be
stress, it could be because you wanted to fit in , either way you picked the habit up and now it has
become such an integrated part of you that you ended up becoming a chain smoker. There is more
than one best way to quit smoking since every person deals with it differently . The reason why
smoking is so addictive is because of the nicotine in the cigarettes. Smokers claim that some tips
on quitting smoking like using chewing gum, nicotine patches or sheer willpower will not make
them quit the habit completely. The best way to quit smoking starts with the changing of the
manner in which one processes thoughts in order to convince oneself that you do not need a
There are plenty of reasons why adults smoke and among those reasons are to alleviate negative
feelings. When things seem a little too much and too bad , cigarettes would seem to be your only
friend . The physical act of putting a cigarette in your mouth can be therapeutic to some and can
make negative vibes dissipate along with the smoke. You should remember that smoking isn’t the
only way to ward off bad vibes. These ways are not only effective but they are also good for your
health and safe for the environment. One of the best way that you can quit smoking is through a
complete overhaul of lifestyle . Putting in exercise and a few minutes of meditation everyday and
you would find that it is easier to manage emotions this way .
One of the motivations that you can use if you want to quit smoking is that the benefits of quitting
are tremendous . According to doctors, after just 20 minutes of quitting smoking, your blood
pressure should return back to normal . your carbon monoxide levels will be kept to a normal rate
and your blood circulation will improve after a couple of months . The chance of you getting a heart
attack will be reduced to half after a year of quitting . And if you think that quitting is going to be
useless especially after how much of a chain smoker you have been , you would be pleased to
know that your resilience against heart attacks and strokes will match that of a non-smoker once
you have been nicotine free for 10 years or more.
The best way to quit smoking is to think of these benefits and completely change your lifestyle. The
addictive component of cigarettes is something that you don’t have any control over , however,
your thoughts and feelings and resolve are the things you have a hold of . If you fix your whole
outlook in life and how you handle problems, you would be able to see that you really don’t need
that next cigarette . you can live your life freely without smoking things that can kill you

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