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European Fertilizer Fax
A Review of European Fertilizer Market Developments

FERTECON’s European Fertilizer Fax report is published every two weeks. It provides an
in-depth study of current sales and inquiries in the major West European fertilizer markets.
It includes a wide range of regularly updated prices both within these European markets and
in the international markets. Financial reports are recorded for all the major West European
producers and the latest news on any plant closures, openings, takeovers etc is provided.
We include company news, management changes and all the latest news from the
European Commission affecting fertilizer imports into the European Union. In addition to
this, regular updates are provided on East European markets such as Romania, Bulgaria,
Poland and Hungary. This coverage provides news on fertilizer markets and the supply and
demand position within these areas, together with company developments. Every two
weeks the report opens with an overview of the major international markets for both
fertilizers and raw materials to provide a backdrop to the European markets, which we then
analyse in more detail.

In addition to the fortnightly report, subscribers also receive two valuable supplements
during the summer months. FERTECON’s statistical expert, Joyce Uwins compiles every
year a comprehensive study of imports into the major West European markets. In addition
Joyce provides a regular input to the fortnightly report providing statistical updates from
areas within both East and West Europe. The second supplement provided to subscribers
is a comprehensive breakdown of the latest tariffs affecting imports into the EU.

FERTECON’s European report has an editorial team with a wide experience of the
European fertilizer market. Coverage of the West European markets is provided by
Christine Gregory, Neil Griffiths and Martin Murphy. The East European coverage is
provided by Lisa Smith who has built up good contacts within the East European fertilizer
industry. Backing up the core team, coverage on ammonia is provided by Vivien Bright’s
incisive reports on the current ammonia markets. The core team for the European markets
also provides the international input from the phosphate, nitrogen, potash and sulphur
markets. Of course the report has the continuous support and input of Joyce Uwins
providing all the necessary statistical information from FERTECON’s extensive database.

The FERTECON European Fertilizer Fax provides an invaluable tool to all those involved
in the European Fertilizer market.

Subscribe now and guarantee your future copies of this invaluable report together with the
two supplements which will be published in August.

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