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					FFL License - Sell Guns From Your Home Address
Written By: Mark Leenheer –

Sell Guns For Extra Cash
With the economy in shambles people from all walks of life are looking for ways
to earn a little extra money on the side. If you are a gun lover getting your FFL
License could be the answer you are looking for…

An FFL License allows you to purchase weapons at wholesale prices and sell them at
retail. You also do not need to pay ‘transfer’ fees like you normally do when you
purchase weapons.

Instead of paying transfer fees you are entitled to charge others these transfer fees for
ensuring the paperwork is completed properly and for handing the weapon over to them
after it is shipped to you, the FFL Holder.

What Are The Requirements
I am going to give a quick rundown of most of the requirements you must meet in order
to get your FFL License approved.

You must be 21 years of age to sell weapons

You must not have any violent or gun related crimes on your record

You need a place to conduct your business
There are more requirements but the 3 above are the ones that get in the way for
most people in their quest for their FFL License.

How Do You Get Started
Obviously the first thing you need to do is get your FFL License approved by the ATF so
that you can sell weapons legally, often from your home address. This sounds easier
than it is since the forms can be tricky to fill out and mistakes can ruin your chances for
approval. There are several sites online that offer kits to help you fill out the paperwork.

Assuming You Get Approved
You’re also going to have questions about where are the best places for you to
purchase weapons for resale. You will want to know how to efficiently run a business
from your home, where and how to find customers and more. I recommend you click
one of the links in this document and get their free FFL Report.

Can You Really Make Money Selling Guns?
Sure you can but how much you make is up to you. I have heard from more than a few
individuals who are making comfortable living selling weapons. Many did not plan on it
becoming a full time job but they reported that in time and mostly through word of mouth
their businesses grew in size.

Interest in weapons is on the rise and the time to get your FFL License is now before
legislation changes. No one can say for how much longer individuals will be allowed this

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Description: FFL License How to get an FFL License and make money selling weapons from your home address. Tips to get approved the first time and how to run an effective home business.